Holiday Wines: Our Favorite Reds

Is red wine your thing? We’ve got some seriously affordable, delicious holiday reds and some luscious cheeses for the perfect pairing.

Do you love to unwind with a glass of red wine at the end of the day? Us too. And just in time for the holiday season, here are our Top 10 Wines opens in a new tab, a great selection of affordable reds and whites that we’re very excited about. Nothing beats bringing together friends and family to celebrate with dynamic reds that you can feel good about sharing! We’re also encouraging our readers to get together with family and friends for a tasting party with a difference on November 17th via Twitter. Sample our featured holiday wines, along with some recommended cheeses, and tweet along while you’re sampling them. There’s a TweetChat opens in a new tab room set up for the event where you can follow our wine guys, Geof Ryan and Doug Bell, and hear what they have to say about each wine. You can also share your comments about the aromas, tastes and cheese pairings using the hashtag #WFMWine on Twitter. By following @WFMWineGuys opens in a new tab, you can read what other wine enthusiasts think about the selection. Good times! Here’s the rundown of our fabulously affordable holiday reds and the cheeses that love them. And just in case you missed it, here’s what we’ve got for holiday whites opens in a new tab.
 CHATEAU GRAND CLARET Premières CÔTES DE BORDEAUX opens in a new tab Lauded as one of the best vintages in sixty years, this Bordeaux classic is graced with luscious, purple color, deep red fruit and round, spicy notes. Its velvety finish is cause to celebrate with classic French food or sweet, salty Seaside Cheddar. Recipe pairing: Roasted Brisket with Parsley, Mint and Thyme opens in a new tab


DON & SONS SONOMA COAST PINOT NOIR opens in a new tab Charm guests with flavors of currant and crabapple and fresh berries interwoven with zippy acidity. A bargain gem, let it grace your holiday table, along with ham or turkey, roasted root vegetables or savory cheeses like Le Gruyère Reserve. Recipe pairing: Mushroom Stuffing with Shallots and Fresh  opens in a new tabHerbs opens in a new tab


EARTHSTONE SONOMA COUNTY MERLOT opens in a new tab Lend holiday spirit with this soft plum and blueberry beauty, touched with notes of dried herbs, macerated fruit and white pepper. Plush tannins are a match for Truffle Tremor cheese, or enjoy with everything from salmon or tuna to lasagna. And, it’s made using responsible farming practices. Recipe pairing: Spiced Roasted Salmon with Beets opens in a new tab


TARIMA MONASTRELL opens in a new tab Exult in the dark complexity of cedar, baking spices, licorice and mulberry. Inky and dense, this Red proves that organic-grape wines are deeply flavorful contenders, whether poured with barbeque, smoked meats, or hand-selected Oregon Blue cheese. And, it’s made with organically grown grapes. Recipe pairing: Bison Chili opens in a new tab



INNOVACIÓN MALBEC-TEMPRANILLO opens in a new tab Bring home holiday cheer with this ripe and juicy, modern blend of New World and Old World grapes. Spice and cocoa notes fill a 1L bottle, a tremendous value for drinking at cocktail hour and beyond with favorites like Spanish Manchego cheese. And, it’s made using responsible farming practices. Recipe pairing: Roasted Butternut Squash with Sage and Cranberries opens in a new tab


RASTEAU LES PEYRIÈRES opens in a new tab Commemorate special moments with this intense, memorable Grenache and Syrah blend. Poured with Roquefort, Seaside Cheddar or French classics like Cassoulet, its dark cherry and pepper notes and smoky, anise nose are the joy of the season. Recipe pairing: Cassoulet-Style French Bean Stew opens in a new tab



CANTORA CARMENERE CABERNET SAUVIGNON opens in a new tab Dress up your holiday meals when you pour this ripe, spicy blend of two of Chile’s most delicious wine grapes. Prestigious vineyards yield a medium-bodied Red with dark fruit and mint on the nose. Ideal for hamburgers or spaghetti, and a hit with traditionally produced Stilton cheese. Plus, it’s Fair Trade. Recipe pairing: Chard with Bacon and Apple opens in a new tab


H&G CHALK HILL CABERNET SAUVIGNON opens in a new tab Ring in your best occasions with this mature, structured Red. An impressively elegant wine with a delicate mix of red and black fruit, tannins and gentle acidity. Its rich mid-palate and hints of mocha on the nose are best with rare steak or Borough Market Cheddar cheese. Recipe pairing: Cranberry and Apple Stuffed Roasted Pork opens in a new tab


Get more information about each of the cheeses mentioned above opens in a new tab. What are some of your favorite foods to pair with a glass of red wine?

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