Homemade Summer Thirst Quenchers


It’s getting hot out there, so take off all your artificial additives and enjoy the season and everything it has to offer with cool homemade drinks.Of course, pure water is the most affordable option and what our bodies really need for hydration. But at this time of year with lots of outdoor parties, picnics and activities we also like to drink things for fun and flavor. What our bodies really don’t need are the artificial colors, flavors, preservatives and sweeteners often found in even the simplest beverages, such as bottled iced tea or flavored water. Do you really want to pay to put things like potassium benzoate, acesulfame potassium and FD&C Blue No. 1 in your body? Well, we sure don’t, which is why we’ve come up with these ten thirst quenching tips for summertime sips that won’t have you gulping at prices or ingredients.

  1. Add flavor naturally to still or sparkling water with lemon, lime, mint or a little 100% fruit juice.

  2. Use refillable bottles and a water filter or big jug at home (some of our stores have filtered water dispensers).

  3. Brew your own iced tea, perhaps with Whole Trade™ tea; add fresh fruit or fruit juice if you want. Try our recipe for Peach-Berry Iced Tea opens in a new tab that uses nutrient-dense berries.

  4. Make lemonade or limeade using real fruit or organic bottled lemon or lime juice and lightly sweeten it with real cane sugar, agave nectar, honey or maple syrup. Go full-on fun with Watermelon Lemonade opens in a new tab or get a little sophisticated with Sparkling Honey Lemonade opens in a new tab rimmed with citrus-salt.

  5. Choose 365 Everyday Value® sodas and flavored waters instead of conventional soda pop. That way you can still have the bubbly treat without high-fructose corn syrup or artificial anything.

  6. Dilute 100% juice with water to drink over ice or to stretch smoothies. By diluting juice, you’ll still get the nutrients of real juice with a little less of the naturally occurring sugars.

  7. Add stevia or a natural sugar substitute to your homemade beverages if you like things on the sweeter side without the calories.

  8. Shop the sales for fresh fruit to puree for flavored teas, slushies and cocktails; freeze it if you can’t use it right away. Kids will love to help prepare Double Grape Slushies opens in a new tab that uses fresh grapes and in-season melon.

  9. Get the discount when you buy a full case of sparkling water or pretty much anything non-alcoholic.

  10. Make “on the rocks” your mantra to stretch any and every drink. Serve Sangria Coolers opens in a new tab on the rocks or add the ice to the blender for grown-up slushies.

The summer issue of The Whole Deal opens in a new tab value guide opens in a new tab, available in stores and online, has even more tips for saving money without relaxing your standards.Got any refreshing recipes or tips for homemade hydration?

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