How to Buy a Sunscreen Plus 4 Picks for Summer

sunscreens in sand

We’re excited for the beach days and backyard BBQs, but spending more days outdoors calls for a boost in skin protection. There are seemingly zillions of sunscreens on the market, and we want to help you choose the one that's right for your family. Here, we shout out our favorites.

How to Shop for Sunscreen

There are two types of sunscreens to choose from: physical and chemical. They work in different ways.

Physical Sunscreens

Physical sunscreen ingredients such as titanium dioxide and zinc oxide are sun-stable minerals that deflect and scatter UV rays. They sit on top of the skin, so they start working immediately.

Chemical Sunscreens

Chemical sunscreens contain ingredients like avobenzone to penetrate the skin barrier and absorb UV rays, which is why you need to apply them 20 minutes before heading outside.

Here’s How We Help

Like all the other beauty products opens in a new tab in our Whole Body department, every sunscreen we carry is free of 75+ banned ingredients opens in a new tab, including the recently banned oxybenzone, which is a known endocrine disruptor and negatively affects acquatic life. We know that some customers would rather use sunscreens that don’t penetrate the skin’s barrier. So while we do sell select chemical sunscreens that meet our strict standards, we also offer a wide range of physical blockers that sit on top of the skin.

4 Sunscreens For Summer


Goddess Garden Organics Everyday 50 Natural Sunscreen
This lotion relies on physical blockers titanium dioxide and zinc oxide. It goes on white (so you don’t miss a spot), but fades to clear (so you won’t look like Casper the Friendly Ghost). It’s meant to hold fast for 80 minutes in sun and surf, plus it’s reef-safe.

Goddess Garden Organics Kids 50 Natural Sunscreen
Packed with plant-based ingredients and physical blockers titanium dioxide and zinc oxide, this sunscreen will help shield your family from the sun whether you’re at the beach, in the pool or enjoying the mountains.

Kiss My Face Organics SPF 30 Mineral Air Powered Spray Sunscreen
A convenient spray that feels like a refreshing moisturizer, this new physical blocker uses titanium dioxide to repel UV radiation while safflower and sunflower oils make skin appear softer.


Alba Botanica Hawaiian Sunscreen Aloe Vera SPF 30 Broad Spectrum Sunscreen
This broad-spectrum sunscreen absorbs quickly to protect sun-exposed skin. It’s water resistant and has earned the recommendation of the Skin Cancer Foundation.

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