How Chocolate Supports Classrooms

In Tanzania, our Whole Trade® Guarantee means a “social premium” is paid when Whole Foods Market® purchases chocolate that supports the Tanzania Schoolhouse Project.

Whole Foods Market Tanzania Schoolhouse Project Dark Chocolate

My adoration for chocolate cannot be overstated – chocolate is amazing – not only the mouthwatering final product, but the entire process. From the humble cacao bean comes the multitude of forms we know of as chocolate.  One of my favorites is the Whole Foods Market™ Organic Dark Chocolate. This single-origin bar has the intense, rich flavor of 72% cacao dark chocolate, is Whole Trade® Guaranteed opens in a new tab and has a cool story behind it.Deep in the Tanzanian rainforest, a unique program is ensuring chocolate production considers the wellbeing of the cocoa farmers, their communities and the environment. The farmers are compensated fairly and given training, technical advice, seedlings and equipment. Community schools for the children of the farmers are supported through this program and the organic farming practices protect and nourish the careful balance of the rainforest.

Tanzania schoolchildren

Whole Foods Market® supports this program by donating 10¢ for every bar sold. This donation goes directly to the Bioland Project opens in a new tab in Kyela, Mbeya, Tanzania and the funds are used specifically for books, teacher salaries and classrooms for the children of the workers.See, just when I think I couldn’t love chocolate more, there’s a few more reasons to feel good about one of my favorite indulgences.

What do you love about chocolate and what are some of your favorite stories behind your food?

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