How to Save on Meat and Seafood

Learn to save on meat and seafood with food blogger and author Jenny Rosenstrach.

Have you ever been tempted to avoid buying meat and seafood, just to save money? Well, expert food blogger Jenny Rosenstrach opens in a new tab is here to say it’s a sacrifice that need not be made. Don’t nix the foods you love just to conserve cash — try her smart budget shopping techniques for meat and seafood, and keep your dinner menus diverse.

In this video, Jenny takes a quick spin through the Meat and Seafood Departments to explain how she finds the most value — and can maintain her die-hard commitment to share a homemade meal with her loved ones.

  • Go in with an open mind, see what’s on sale, then plan a menu

  • Buy large family packs of meat and seafood

  • Freeze whatever you don’t cook for use later*

Once you’ve got those family-sized packs, choose one-pot recipes that combine the protein with veggies and carbs, to save time and make the most of the dish. Here are two tasty examples:

Beef Pot Roast

Beef Pot Roast opens in a new tab

* If you’re new to freezing meat and seafood, you might find these guides to Handling Meat and Poultry Safely opens in a new tab and Handling Seafood Safely opens in a new tab helpful.

How do you maximize value with the meat and seafood you buy? Share your tips in the comments below!

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