Hurry! Whole Trade® Mangoes from Haiti are Here

We’re excited to announce that Whole Trade® Francique mangoes are in season and in stores!

Only available for a short time each year, Francique mangoes are unique to Haiti and are deliciously plump and juicy. When ripe, they’re soft with an orange or gold freckled skin and they have a smooth, rich flesh with a distinctly tropical flavor.

Whole Foods Market® is the sole buyer of organic and Fair Trade Certified mangoes from Haitian growers, sometimes buying from a family with just one tree.

The Whole Trade Guarantee ensures growers receive equitable pay — a key point since this mango crop is a major source of income for many of these families. Our partners at Perry Exports have helped Haitian mango farmers organize into cooperatives so the farmers can sell their fruit more directly. Through these groups, we are able to make fixed price and minimum volume commitments before the season, so farmers know they’ll have a market for their fruit.

Our upfront offer gives farmers the confidence to reject the below-market prices from informal traders who are an unfortunate reality for most Haitian mango farmers. These farmer groups have achieved Fair Trade certification, which ensures that they are managed transparently and that our higher purchase price makes it all the way back to the farmers.  Many groups have also achieved organic certification. While all of our Whole Trade Haitian mangoes are Fair Trade Certified, only some are also organic.

The great news is that more and more farmers are joining the co-ops and additional co-ops are forming and getting certified Fair Trade and organic.

We’re proud to be able to work with these farmers and bring the unique Francique mango to you. What’s your favorite way to enjoy mango?

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