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As part of Whole Trade Guarantee™ Month at Whole Foods Market, we encourage you to explore the world of Divine Chocolate - owned by cocoa farmers, made for chocolate lovers. Lovingly grown under the tropical rainforest canopy in Ghana, Divine's cocoa beans are carefully fermented and dried by the farmers who co-own the company. The great news is that when consumers purchase Divine Chocolate products for their loved ones, they will also do a good thing for the farmers in Ghana by ensuring that they receive a Fair Trade price for their cocoa beans.

Comfort Kumeah is a mother of five, a grandmother and a member of Kuapa Kokoo cocoa growers' cooperative. She teaches kindergarten (her classroom often exceeding 120 students) and works on the farm whenever she isn't teaching, on Saturdays and during the school holidays. Here she talks about Fair Trade and how it has helped her family and community.

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Each bar of Divine Chocolate is adorned with traditional West African Adinkra symbols. Each symbol has its own special meaning, representing something integral to Ghanaian culture.


These symbols are still in use today serving to deliver messages of goodwill. Learn more about Divine's opens in a new tab fair trade mission and hear more of the farmer-owner's stories opens in a new tab. Divine Chocolate, share the love!

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