Introducing Our New Store Concept: 365 by Whole Foods Market™

Our new 365 by Whole Foods Market stores will offer the highest quality products at everyday low prices in a simple, convenient format.


Jeff Turnas, a 20-year Whole Foods Market® veteran, is president of 365 by Whole Foods Market. Jeff has held key leadership positions, including as president of the company’s North Atlantic region and most recently as president of its United Kingdom region.

Hey everyone, I’m here to reach out with an exciting update. In May, we announced we’d launch a new innovation to help meet the exploding demand for more natural and organic foods: a smaller-store concept where value meets quality. Today, we’re introducing the official name for the newest member of the Whole Foods Market Family — 365 by Whole Foods Market™!

Value, Convenience and Standards

“365” in the name celebrates our belief that fresh healthy foods can be readily available to more people in an affordable way every day…365 days a year. It also tips our hat to our popular 365 Everyday Value brand, which our shoppers seek out for quality, transparency and great value — the same attributes to come with our smaller-store format. We'll work up a modern, consistent design, use innovative technology and carefully choose just the right product mix to ensure an efficient and rewarding shopping experience.

In short, our 365 by Whole Foods Market stores will offer a simple way to shop for healthy, high-quality food at great prices. And the great news is, we'll stick to the same top-notch Quality Standards opens in a new tab we’ve all spent the last 35 years creating. 

What’s Next?

The entrepreneurial spirit of the startup mode is invigorating! We're already busy developing the recipe for an exciting and fun retail experience to bring healthy, fresh affordable foods to more communities.

We’re stoked!


Watch for more information at opens in a new tab.

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