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mattie_0.jpg Hi my name is Mattie and I am a member of Teens for Safe Cosmetics: New York.

Hi my name is Mattie and I am a member of Teens for Safe Cosmetics: New York.Sure, the end of summer can make any teen feel a bit sad with a new school year beginning, and the weather starting to turn. But the girls of Teens for Safe Cosmetics are looking forward to the fabulous launch of the Teens Turning Green Collection, featured exclusively at Whole Foods Markets nationwide. The Collection will land on shelves by the last week in September.It is the first line of truly eco-skin care that’s been formulated specifically for teen skin! And as if that fact alone isn’t enough, each of the products included in our line attains Whole Food Market’s new Premium Body Care Standard, the most comprehensive in the industry. Knowing what you’re putting on your skin is free of parabens and PEGs means that one less thing to worry about every day. Besides picking out a cleanser or moisturizer is almost an overwhelming task, all by itself.
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With so many choices of “green” skin care regimens (many of which can be found at your local Whole Foods Market) alone, it’s daunting to try and choose just one. I find myself wishing that someone who knew all the brands and companies could just pick and choose the best products from each and show them to me.Well, as I’m sure you can guess, that’s exactly what Teens for Safe Cosmetics has done. Campaign members from the New York City chapter of which I am a proud member, and the Bay Area Chapter hand selected their favorite eco-products in every skin care category. Then we reached out to the companies who produce those products, told them about our plans, and asked them to help us create the safest, highest quality product possible. In my opinion, they couldn’t have done a better job. Each product looks great, works flawlessly, and has an ingredient list that you can actually pronounce! But just like how on the first day of school its nice to know a little about someone before you go introduce yourself, it might be a good idea to get to know just a bit about a the products in this ground-breaking line before you go out and get your hands on your own set!If you’re like me, and aren’t exactly your most awake in the morning you need to use the two cleansers featured in our line. First up, the Depth Sea Foam Facial Cleanser : the husband-wife team who created Depth Body opens in a new tab are actually both marine biologists! They discovered that certain marine botanicals, when combined with gentle cleansers could leave skin clean and refreshed, but not dry. The cooling gel-like consistency coupled with the fresh botanical scent could make anyone feel revitalized.The second cleanser in our line is perfect for both day and nighttime use, and though every product in the TTG line is a favorite, it should be noted that this product is especially beloved by each and every teen in the campaign. Pomega 5 opens in a new tab, a company responsible for several products in the line, created this Pomegranate Blemish Cleansing Bar with teen skin in mind. The bar is gentle on the skin, but still contains ingredients that are great at fighting breakouts. Stressing for exams is understandable, but at least now you’ll know that your skin will be truly problem-free. Before Pomega’s Blemish Cleansing Bar most cleansers either made my skin dry and flaky or didn’t work to really combat blemishes, but this is the perfect balance between the two. The girls on the campaign all have such different skin types, basically representing each possible skin tone, and this product is adored by all!The Sunstar Purifying Mask made by Astara made it’s way into the Teens Turning Green line only after the dedicated work of company founder, Sunny Griffin. Though the teens loved the product when they first discovered it, the mask contained a few ingredients, which didn’t meet Whole Foods Market’s Personal Body Care Standard. Instead of giving up or dropping out of the line, Astara reformulated the product happily—eager to create the safest skincare possible for teens. That represents more than anything what this line, and the Teens for Safe Cosmetics campaign is all about: dedicated teens and adults striving for a cleaner, greener world.Next week, you’ll hear about the rest of the collection.

  • Alaffia Mango Shea Body Butter

  • Astara Purifying Mask

  • Depth Sea Foam Cleanser

  • EO Organic Rosemary & Mint Sanitizing Spray

  • Pomega5 Pomegranate Blemish Cleansing Bar

  • Pomega5 Perfectly Pom Moisturizer

  • Pomega5 Pomegranate Toning Mist

  • Terra Naturals Sport Deodorant

It’s absolutely fabulous and coming to a Whole Foods Market near you in a couple weeks.About Teens for Safe Cosmetics opens in a new tabTeens for Safe Cosmetics is a coalition led by dynamic and passionate young women raising awareness about potentially harmful ingredients in beauty and daily use products that may be linked to cancer, reproductive harm and other health risks. Their mission is to educate the public about harmful chemicals found in cosmetics and personal care products, advocate for legislation that protects one’s right to health and to inspire teens across the nation to work together around these issues and create change within their communities.Teens for Safe Cosmetics launches Teens Turning Green CollectionTeens for Safe Cosmetics has brought together phenomenal eco-conscious companies to create a line that attains Whole Foods Market’s Premium Body Care opens in a new tab seal, the most comprehensive retail standards. Companies have used a holistic approach in the creation of these products, incorporating how age, variation in skin type, and environment can effect teenage skin. The line will launch exclusively at Whole Foods Market nationwide in October 2008. For the first time in history, Teens Turning Green will offer teenagers a line made specifically for their skin that is safe. Hand-selected by teenagers for safety, sustainability, and practicality, the Teens Turning Green collection is a cross-section of the best products on the market.

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