It's the Final Week of the 28-Day Challenge

If you started the 28-Day Challenge opens in a new tab with us four weeks ago, then by now you’re practically an expert in focusing on unprocessed whole foods and creating a Plant-Strong plate that is packed with nutrients and nourishment. If you’re just starting the challenge this week and are looking for some tips — be sure to read our posts for week 1 opens in a new tab, week 2 opens in a new tab  and week 3 opens in a new tab.

Another great place to find some support and inspiration along the way during your adventures in healthy eating is on our Healthy Eating Facebook page opens in a new tab.

Check it out and share some of your own tips.

More resources can be found in our 28 Challenge menu plans with weekly plans that focus on plant-based, nutrient-dense whole foods and healthy fats.

Click here to get the menu for week 4 opens in a new tab. In addition to the menu plans, we’ve also assembled cooking tips and videos opens in a new tab — and put together a four-week newsletter series opens in a new tab designed to support you as you travel the path to better health.

If you’re looking for even more inspiration, our Health Starts Here® recipes opens in a new tab are a must see. It’s easy to make healthy eating a habit when you have all these delicious dishes to try.

The Advanced Recipe Search opens in a new tab is an indispensable feature and I use it often to find fabulous new ways to prepare my favorite foods. Click “Health Starts Here” in the “Limit to Recipes Featured In” field and then search away.

Craving something sweet? Select “Desserts” as your course along with “Health Starts Here.”

From Chocolate Pudding opens in a new tab to Lemon Treats opens in a new tab, you’ve got a variety of sweet options that have no added oils, no refined sugars, and support you in your 28 Challenge.

Wondering what to do with that kale you bought?

Type “kale” into the blank search field, click the “Health Starts Here” option and search. Whether you like it chopped, blended or sautéed, suddenly you’ve got over 20 different kale recipes to choose from.

Kale Waldorf Salad opens in a new tab and Creamy Sesame Greens opens in a new tab  are two you definitely don’t want to miss.

So tell us, are you doing the 28 challenge? If so, what’s been your biggest challenge this month?

What’s been your best inspiration?

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