Itty Bitty Farm in the City

In this episode of Grow, chickens, goats and vegetables provide more than sustenance to Heidi and her daughter Ute in the Excelsior district of San Francisco. Watch their story on Thrive.

Heidi is a country girl at heart with a self-professed obsession to feed her daughter, Ute, the best food possible. She believes her urban farm is her biggest contribution to her family, providing food, lessons and time together with Ute in the garden and the kitchen.Chickens, miniature goats and a vegetable patch share Heidi and Ute’s home in the midst of the Excelsior district in San Francisco. They find much more than basic sustenance in this mini urban farm of theirs and get creative with ways to exercise the goats. Watch their story on this episode of Grow.

What about you? Chickens, goats or both?

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