Join Us This Saturday for Eggstravaganza!

Get ready for an eggtraordinary event coming to your local Whole Foods Market this Saturday, March 23rd. It’s an Eggstravaganza and we’ll be celebrating the versatility and the deliciousness of eggs throughout our stores.

Get ready for an eggstraordinary event at your local Whole Foods Market® this Saturday, March 23rd – it’s Eggstravaganza! From 11 a.m. – 3 p.m. we’ll celebrate the versatility and deliciousness of eggs with samples and recipes of our favorite egg dishes, as well as a variety of fun events. Check out your local store’s calendar opens in a new tab for more details.Up for some yolking around? At 2 p.m. EST, our stores will host a Nationwide Chicken Dance! Our team members will take a crack at doing the chicken dance in all of our stores across the country. We’re aiming to break the Record Setter opens in a new tab record for most people doing the chicken dance in a grocery store across the United States simultaneously. Join the fun and get those wings flapping!

Wondering why we’re so eggstremely passionate about eggs? Beyond the plate, we love where our eggs come from. We’ve partnered with egg suppliers large and small and can proudly say that all of the eggs sold in our dairy case and those used in our kitchens and bakeries are cage free – meaning the hens aren’t raised in cramped cages. Curious what those other labels on your carton mean? Check out this handy chart.

What a label says and what it means:

  • Cage Free - hens are not caged (we don’t sell any eggs from hens raised in cages)

  • Free Range - hens have access to the outdoors

  • Outdoor Based - hens live outdoors and have access to housing

  • Pasture Raised - hens have access to a pasture environment in a free-range or outdoor-based system

  • Organic - hens have access to the outdoors, are raised on organic feed, meet USDA Organic Standards

  • Omega-3 or DHA - hens are fed a diet supplemented with DHA and/or omega-3 essential fatty acids

  • Fertile - roosters are raised with the hens

So now that you can rest assured knowing where your eggs come from, it’s time to cook them! Start with our foolproof recipe for Boiled Eggs opens in a new tab, then double-stuff your plate with this spring-tastic recipe for Double Stuffed Deviled Eggs with Ham opens in a new tab.

Looking for more egg recipes and inspiration for hosting springtime gatherings? Check out our Spring Entertaining Guide opens in a new tab! In the meanwhile, we’d love to hear – what are your favorite ways to enjoy eminently edible eggs?

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