KINDness: Pass it On This Tuesday!

Complete the KIND Mission on Tuesday, September 6th and your one small act of kindness will make a BIG difference to Whole Kids Foundation®.

Mission accomplished! Not only was the original goal met, it was SURPASSED by 1,000%! In response, KIND is funding gardens at four schools! Thank you KIND, and thank you to everyone who pledged a small KIND act!

In the past six weeks since we announced the Whole Kids Foundation opens in a new tab®, we have been overwhelmed by kind gestures. People from all over have reached out to volunteer, offer ideas, share their stories and many of our suppliers have reached out to help. One of these suppliers is KIND opens in a new tab, the company that makes those amazing fruit and nut bars. They invited us to partner with them on their Do the KIND Thing movement opens in a new tab. This initiative gives people the opportunity to turn one small act of kindness into a BIG difference. This is how it works: on the first Tuesday of each month, everyone carries out the same KINDING Mission. It’s that simple! This month KIND is asking you to pass along a book or magazine you’ve enjoyed to someone who you think will enjoy it too. We think teachers, schools and libraries are great choices...but it could also be a friend, neighbor or co-worker.

If enough people sign up on their website opens in a new taband complete the KIND act, KIND will do an even bigger KIND Act and fund several Whole Kids Foundation School Garden Grants opens in a new tab! That’s hundreds of students who will have an opportunity to experience growing a garden (many for the first time!) all because you were kind enough to pass on a book or magazine on the first Tuesday in September. If you would like to accept the KIND mission and make your kindness count, sign up on KIND’s website opens in a new tab. (FYI, to sign up you give them your name and email address so they can send you their enewsletter.) This parting thought from the founder and CEO of KIND, Daniel Lubetzky, will help you understand their outlook on KINDness!

“At KIND, we like to say ‘it’s usually the nuts that change the world’ and in recent years we’ve found that our community is equally as inspired by that ideology. With Do the KIND Thing, we are seeking to harness that collective passion in an authentic and altruistic manner to make a positive impact in our world.”

Who do you plan on sharing a book with this month? Are there other small acts of kindness that you enjoy doing for others?

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