Learn to Cook: Beef Pot Roast

Much easier to prepare than you might think, pot roast makes a fabulous one-dish dinner…and even better leftovers.

Great-tasting food really can be easy. And with recipes, tips and coupons from The Whole Deal value guide, you’ll eat well and have time and money to spare (you know, for all that other stuff you want in life). One of the secrets to top-notch eating and sure-thing saving is learning to cook.Beef Pot Roast is one of those basic recipes every home cook should know. It’s much easier to prepare than you might think and makes a fabulous one-dish dinner…and even better leftovers. After a few minutes of browning and sautéing, you can do other things while dinners roasts in the oven. Easy!It’s simple to customize a pot roast by using different seasonings, liquid and vegetables. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Go Classic with a beefy broth and hearty potatoes and carrots for about $3.22 per serving.

  • For an Italian version, the roast and root veggies are simmered along with bell peppers in tomato and wine seasoned with oregano and basil for about $3.91 per serving.

  • Add Indian flavor with the addition of cauliflower along with ginger and cumin to spice up the broth for about $3.40 per serving.

  • For some German oomph, add a splash of apple cider along with some cabbage and apples for about $3.38 per serving.

 The cost per serving is based on a recipe that serves 6. We do our best to estimate the cost of ingredients used in each recipe, but slight market variations are entirely possible.Check out the Classic Beef Pot Roast recipe and then download recipe specifics for adding new flavors from the Fall issue of The Whole Deal.How do you add flare to a basic pot roast or other traditional recipes?

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