Les Bons Temps Roulez! Party Cajun Style

Celebrate les bon temps with the foods and traditions of Mardi Gras.

When I think of Mardi Gras, my mind immediately goes to parades, beads, masks, and plenty of crawfish. I’ve never visited New Orleans for its grand celebration, but there’s no doubt I’d have a memorable experience.

However, most of us can’t make the trip, so there’s a few things we can do to celebrate at home, with the whole family involved.

  • Grab the right music. Zydeco is popular all over Louisiana, and its upbeat temp will get everyone dancing!

  • Make masks. Everyone loves to get crafty now and then, so why not buy a few empty masks, some glue, bags of feathers, and plenty of glitter and let your party guests go to town!

  • Share a coconut. Coconuts have been a part of Mardi Gras parades since the early 20th century. Instead of handing out whole coconuts, why not bake a batch of Coconut Bread opens in a new tab to go with the meal?

  • Make it a pancake party. Many cultures mark Mardi Gras by eating pancakes. Try these Whole Grain Pancakes with Chia and Flaxseeds opens in a new tab or check out our other pancake recipes opens in a new tab.

And if you want to make your party even more fun, you can capture the essence of les bons temps with these inspiring dishes.

Gluten-Free Muffaletta Party Sandwiches
Creamed Collard Greens with Kielbasa
Chicken Sausage Jambalaya with Shrimp
Mini Cajun Shrimp Frittatas
Red Beans and Rice Soup
Pickled Cajun Green Beans and Carrots

Pickled Cajun Green Beans and Carrots opens in a new tab

To help you get even more into the Mardi Gras spirit, many of our stores carry king cakes! This delicious traditional yeast cake can be filled with a variety of fillings from chocolate to raspberry jam, and is decorated with the traditional colors of Mardi Gras: green, yellow, and purple.

Do you celebrate Mardi Gras? Share your traditions in the comments!

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