Let's Celebrate! New 30th Birthday Products


In honor of our 30th birthday, some of our vendors gave us the best present ever - new products that make us (and soon hopefully, you) want to get the party started! We're honored to have built partnerships with these creative and passionate folks. Each of the delicious items below lends itself well to any type of celebration; whether it's a big weekend brunch with family and friends, or a full-blow affair where geeking out over menu planning is half the fun. But enough chitchat - let's get to the cool new products!

Wellshire Farms Whole-y Smokes BBQ Seasoned Bacon
The smoky flavor will blow your mind, and best of all - it's got only six ingredients. Naturally, it's produced to our strict meat standards, including no synthetic nitrates/nitrites and no antibiotics, ever. This bacon works beautifully for BLT sandwiches, alongside pancakes and eggs, or wrapped around skewered shrimp or scallops that are headed for the grill.

Parducci Sustainable Red or White
As the first carbon-neutral winery in the US, Parducci shares our values and commitment to quality, community and the environment. The red is robust and dry with berry fruit flavors and spicy complexities. Enjoy it with pasta, pizza, grilled meats and flavorful cheeses. The white is crisp and clean with notes of citrus and melon. Try pairing it with fresh salads, the best chicken you can get and organic vegetable dishes.

Changing Seas Roasted Smoked Salmon, Pepper or Natural
A birthday present to us from Villa Farms in Norway, a vendor partner that exemplifies our commitment to responsible aquaculture. This Atlantic salmon is slow roasted and smoked in Europe's premier smokehouse - the flavor is unbelievable! Try it flaked over salads, as an appetizer or tossed with pasta.

Whole Foods Market® Birthday Cheddar, Aged 29 Months
Get this special limited-edition Vermont Cheddar while you can -- it was created just in time to age 30 (ok, 29) months for our 30th birthday! It's nice and creamy with a pleasant crisp and sharp finish and a great way to take your mac and cheese to the next level. It's also great on burgers, party trays or on top of a slice of apple pie.

Allegro Whole Foods Market Birthday Blend (whole bean & ground)

We love this vendor so much, we asked them to become part of Whole Foods Market decades ago! Our birthday blend is a medium-roast blend of Guatemala and Ethiopian beans with layered notes of dark chocolate, dried apricots and strawberries. Try serving it with a platter of fresh fruit, assorted cookies and chocolate to really compliment the flavors. It's also a great way to get the day started! Have you tried some of this new stuff already? If so, let us know what you think. If not, keep an eye out and give one of our 30th birthday products a try at your next celebration!

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