Let's Celebrate our Whole Body


When we reflect on our 30 years in business, we feel extremely lucky to have partnered with such amazing vendors - some who've been around since the day we opened our doors. They've really helped us become what we are today. To honor our 30th birthday, some of these long-term vendor partners created some very special products. A present to us and to you! Here are some of these special products you'll find in our Whole Body department. Later this week we'll post about products in other areas of the store.Nature's Way: Men's & Women's Multi-Vitamin Alive! Whole Food Energizer

Nature's Way has been our vendor partner for every single one of our 30 years in business. In honor of our 30th birthday, you'll get 33% more free in the special "happy birthday" packaging of their most potent and complete multi-vitamin. There's one formulated just for men with energizing nutrients to support men's cardiovascular, prostate, energy and endurance needs. And there's one just for women, formulated with energizing nutrients to support women's bones, breasts health, reproductive and urinary systems and hair, skin and nails.Gaia HerbsGaia Herbs have been our vendor partner for over 20 years. For our 30th (not to mention the beginning of cold & flu season) they've created three special products designed to support healthy immune response: Oil of Oregano, Olive Leaf, and Echinacea Goldenseal Propolis Throat Spray. The Oil of Oregano and Olive Leaf are vegetarian liquid phyto-caps that offer alcohol-free, clean and pure supercritical extraction with full-spectrum potency. The Echinacea Goldenseal Propolis Throat Spray is a unique formula made with organic and ecologically harvested herbs that supports a healthy immune system, inflammatory response to seasonal stressors and normal secretions from nose and eyes.Hyland's: Calms Forté

Hyland's has been a valued vendor partner for about as long as we've been in business. Calms Forté provides temporary symptomatic relief of sleeplessness, stress and anxiety without sedatives, alcohol, and drug interactions or reported side effects. It's been America's #1 homeopathic sleep aid for over 50 years!Rainbow Light Rainbow Light has been our vendor partner for more than 20 years. In honor of our 30th, they've released their best-selling 1000 IU Vitamin D gummies in a value size accompanied by a trial size of their new Busy Brain Release formula. Both are packaged in 100% recycled, new EcoGuard bottles - reducing carbon footprint by 78%.We're excited for you to give these products a try. And please, let us know what you think!

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