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What’s your top priority when shopping for personal bodycare products? Take our poll on bodycare products opens in a new tab and see how your thoughts stack up with others.Let’s face it: what goes on our bodies is as important as what goes on our plates.The U.S. government does not require health studies or pre-market testing for personal care products. And there are many non-natural components and processes in most U.S. personal care products. Even those labeled "natural" may contain harsh preservatives or ingredients with environmental concerns. Think about it: the body care products we all use eventually go down the drain and into our environment. They can also be absorbed right through our skin into our bodies.

Premium Bodycare

Whole Foods Market stepped up with Premium Body Care® standards. Our experts meticulously examined each and every ingredient in our personal care products for safety, efficacy, source and environmental impact. More than 250 unacceptable ingredients were identified at first, including parabens and sodium lauryl and laureth sulfates. As new science-based research and studies came to light, that number increased to 380 and we continue to raise the bar ever higher. While not every body care product we sell meets these rigorous standards, the ones that do are growing in number and are the most exceptional personal care products available, while our base level standards for body care remain more stringent than most other stores and salons.Let’s get Educated

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