Liberation Soup and Whole Planet Foundation



As the Internal Programs Ambassador with Whole Planet Foundation opens in a new tab I know I am truly blessed, but my recent trip to Haiti with Programs Manager Steve Wanta reminded me just how much. Though prepared for tough conditions, I was shocked at the devastation caused by four tropical storms in 2008 and the level of poverty. Then I met Norzina, who is strong and resilient and changing her own life with access to microcredit from Fonkoze (our partner organization). I feel blessed that we, Whole Planet Foundation, Whole Foods Market, Team Members, shoppers, vendors and Fonkoze are all working together to offer women like Norzina the gift of microcredit.Whole Foods Market sources Whole Trade Guarantee opens in a new tab mangoes from Haiti, one of the poorest countries in the Western Hemisphere. Inspired by this connection, Whole Planet Foundation provided a $490,249 grant over three years to our implementing partner, Fonkoze, who offers financial services tailored to meet the needs of impoverished Haitians.One of my favorite parts of our trip was when Norzina invited us to join her in cooking Soupe Joumou, a delicious pumpkin soup known as "Liberation Soup (recipe) opens in a new tab." Watch this video to learn why.
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