Local Producer Loan For Hail Merry

You don’t have to be a raw foodist to enjoy amazing macaroons, tarts and grawnola from our latest loan recipient. Learn how we’re helping them expand.

Our most recent Local Producer Loan opens in a new tab recipient, Hail Merry opens in a new tab, was started by raw food chef Susan O’Brien with a desire to bring awareness to the benefits of healthy, raw oils.  And if this is what raw oils taste like, I’m never going back! Dallas-based Hail Merry creates delicious macaroons, tarts, nuts and granola (grawnola, if you please) which are raw or dehydrated at very low temperatures to protect the integrity of the dietary oils and living enzymes found in the raw, organic ingredients.  All products are vegan with no refined sugars. Rest assured you do not have to be vegan or a raw foodist to enjoy these amazing treats. Hail Merry's macaroons and tarts are my number one go-to when my sweet tooth kicks in! In fact, their Chocolate Almond Butter Miracle Tart won best new vegan product at the Natural Foods Expo this year.

With the proceeds from their loan, Hail Merry purchased a forming machine, which will help them automate their process and increase production.  They are expanding quickly and will need that extra product! They started off in Texas and you can now purchase Hail Merry products at Whole Foods Markets throughout the Southwest, Midwest, Rocky Mountains, California, Louisiana and a few stores in the Northeast. Learn more about Hail Merry in this short video interview opens in a new tab.

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