Local Producer: Nona Lim

Growing up, my family had soup before dinner almost every night. My mom would spend a few hours in the kitchen every day, carefully cutting and preparing the ingredients, and by dinnertime, we were drinking a delicious hot soup to warm up our bodies.After moving away from home, I was excited to have a place where I could cook for myself. But finding time to cook a fresh meal became challenging as I was trying to balance work, social life, and working out.

And one thing I craved the most after a long day at work was my mom’s homemade soup.

Thankfully, one of our Northern California local vendors, Nona Lim opens in a new tab, came to my rescue! Nona Lim makes delicious dairy- and gluten-free soups using fresh local and organic ingredients from their kitchen in Oakland, California. Her soups have made it easy for me to eat well and feel nourished.

Nona’s soups are one of my favorite go-to meals to grab when I know I’m busy at work and don’t have much time to cook. They are all made by hand, never using stock cubes or bouillon. In addition, the soup’s colors are vibrant, the textures are rich, and the flavors are complex and satisfying. Low in sodium, nutrient-dense – these soups are an incredibly fast and easy way to get a great meal.In the spirit of continuing its mission to promote clean and delicious eating, Nona Lim is donating 10% of all Whole Foods Market® retail sales to the Whole Kids Foundation opens in a new tab® during this month of September. Nona Lim is proud to support the Whole Kids Foundation and its mission to cultivate healthy relationships between children and food.

I am thankful Nona Lim has opened up her kitchen to share her soups with the community. Every time I drink Nona Lim soups, I feel like it’s coming from my mom’s own kitchen.

You'll find Nona Lim soups on the shelves in the Pacific Northwest Region, Southern Pacific Region, Mid-West and Southwest Regions this fall. Whether you reside in California, Michigan, Washington, Texas, or a state in-between, look for Nona Lim soups at a Whole Foods Market near you! For more info go to: http://nonalim.com opens in a new tab.


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