Look Fabulous for Holiday Festivities

You’ll sparkle in the midst of holiday stress with these simple do-ahead steps.

You’ll sparkle in the midst of holiday stress with these simple do-ahead steps.

Entrée? Check. Sides? Check. Wine? Flowers? Dessert? Check, check and check.

Supple skin? Huh. Hip hair? Hmmm. Pretty party makeup? Sigh…

Fabulous holidays require a little planning on the front end. You wouldn’t leave your grocery shopping to the eleventh hour, but how many times have you rushed to finish your hair and makeup as guests are ringing the doorbell?

When it comes to looking your best, early prep can have a big payoff. Follow the timeline below and get ready to shine without spending a lot of time.

One week ahead. No time for the spa? An at-home facial can help you manage acne-prone skin and erase the traces of past breakouts. Esthetician Jennifer Gallegos walks you through the basics in our how-to video.

Five days ahead. Have long hair? Don’t let holiday cooking leave your locks as limp as a wet noodle. Practice styling a simple, sexy bun with our step-by-step guide opens in a new tab. Or, if you want to wear your hair down, invest in a dry shampoo such as Giovanni Powder Power opens in a new tab to absorb oil and restore volume at a moment’s notice.

Day of the party. Highlight your best features with a natural-look makeup opens in a new tab routine that’s easy enough for every day. When it’s time to get the party started, you can always turn up the glam with an extra coat of mascara and bright lipstick or glittering gloss opens in a new tab.

Do you have a time-saving trick for holiday hair and makeup? Please share in the comments below.

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