Love Your Leftovers


Turkey Nachos with Cranberry Salsa

There’s a chance to celebrate savings with every occasion – even a big meal like Thanksgiving. We not only give thanks for feasting with family and friends, but we also appreciate the deliciously creative ways to reinvent Thanksgiving leftovers.Here are our picks for the tastiest ways to make those extras go the extra mile.

  1. Leftover cranberry sauce. Add zing in unexpected places by topping pancakes, waffles, ice cream or yogurt. Try unforgettable Turkey Nachos with Cranberry Salsa opens in a new tab too!

  2. Leftover bread. Croutons, French toast and bruschetta opens in a new tab are the best innovations since…sliced bread!

  3. Leftover stuffing. Stuff mushroom caps or acorn squash. Make meatloaf (use stuffing in place of breadcrumbs) or Savory Stuffing Cakes opens in a new tab, adding bacon (download the coupon opens in a new tab).

  4. Leftover mashed potatoes. Turn yesterday’s mashers into today’s shepherd’s pie or potato pancakes.

  5. Leftover turkey. Move beyond sandwiches; your family will gobble it up in nachos opens in a new tab, enchiladas or tacos.

  6. Leftover ham. Add ham to mac and cheese, beans, braised greens or scalloped potatoes. Get sleepy heads outta bed with breakfast sliders with cheese and eggs on toasted rolls.

  7. Leftover pumpkin purée. Rise and shine with Pumpkin Pie Smoothies opens in a new tab and Pumpkin and Millet Muffins opens in a new tab.

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What’s your tastiest solution for reinventing Thanksgiving leftovers? Share in the comments section below.

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