Loving Leftover Matzo

Discover a new pantry staple with two easy techniques and six tasty recipes for using up leftover matzo.

I’ll be the first to admit that my husband and I moved a single box of matzo from Iowa to Wisconsin to New York to Wisconsin (again!) to Texas. But it doesn’t have to be that way! Use up leftover matzo in the weeks (or even months – I’ll be lenient) following Passover, and you’ll be that much more delighted to see the boxes line your shelves again next year.

Enhance It

Using matzo in its original flatbread form adds structure to baked dishes and desserts.

  • Matzo brie is a classic egg dish that employs crumbled matzo to bulk up scrambled eggs. Reminiscent of the Tex-Mex favorite migas, our Southwestern Matzo Brie opens in a new tab adds green onions, corn and beans to the mix.

  • Our new favorite way to feature matzo comes in the form of this Spinach and Feta Matzo Pie opens in a new tab. Deliciously layered in a cross between spanakopita and lasagna, the matzo soaks up nearby flavors and crisps beautifully in the oven.

  • A slathering of chocolate makes everything better – especially sticks of matzo. We love adding chopped nuts or even crushed candy for a special treat, like this Chocolate-Covered Matzo Bark opens in a new tab.

Repurpose It

When you’re ready for leftover matzo to take on a different shape, consider employing your food processor (a mortar and pestle or even a food-safe bag and a mallet will do the trick, too).

  • Instant breadcrumbs – matzo needs no finesse, just crush the flatbread between your hands and rub into a cracker powder. Substitute the crushed matzo in any recipe calling for breadcrumbs. Use it in place of matzo meal in this Spinach and Matzo Ball Chicken Soup opens in a new tab.

  • Lightly crushed matzo is perfect for creating a crust. With a thin glaze of mustard or a dip in beaten eggs, any of your favorite proteins or sliced veggies can enjoy a crispy matzo coating. Try it on Easy Matzo-Crusted Salmon opens in a new tab.

  • Making your own matzo meal takes things a few steps beyond breadcrumbs. Grind the matzo in a food processer, then sift the powder (if necessary) to produce a smooth flour-like substance. Hold these Cabbage and Leek Griddle Cakes opens in a new tab together with your new pantry staple.

Spinach and Matzo Ball Chicken Soup

Easy Matzo-Crusted Wild Salmon

Do you have any tricks for using up leftover matzo? We’d love to hear them.

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