Loving Natural Makeup

As you’re purchasing new school supplies and clothes, don’t forget that changing your makeup colors is a fun and easy way to update your entire look.

Summer days are dwindling and it’s time to think about going back to school. As you’re purchasing new supplies, clothes and shoes, don’t forget about an important part of your look — makeup! Changing your makeup colors and your routine is not only essential as the season changes, it’s also a fun and easy way to update your entire look for a new school year. Just as I love picking out new dresses in the spring and colorful scarves in the fall, I eagerly anticipate the opportunity to switch out my makeup palate.As the only girl in a family of five children, I didn’t get much exposure to makeup while I was growing up. Even my mother was unconcerned with appearances, so when I took an interest in makeup at an early age no one could understand why. I’d been drawing and coloring since I could hold a crayon, so I attribute my curiosity in cosmetics to a desire to branch out into a new medium. I put my makeup interest on the back burner for many years while I completed an art degree. Last September I began working for Whole Foods Market as a graphic artist in a Washington, DC area store. Shortly after, I decided to see how I could make a career out of my long-time hobby, so I completed an 8-week course to become certified in makeup artistry. The course taught me the basics, like choosing colors and matching foundation, along with advanced skills I had never attempted — like contouring the face to make it appear differently in photographs.

Combining my love of makeup with my natural lifestyle led me to the cosmetic brands available at Whole Foods Market. While our stores may not be the first place that you think of when you’re ready to shop for new cosmetics, natural makeup is a growing trend and who knows better about natural products than Whole Foods Market? While the term “natural” can be used very loosely, products sold within our stores are held to strict standards opens in a new tab. Many of the ingredients you’ll find are plant-based, mineral-based or naturally derived and are made using pure essential oil fragrances, gentle preservatives and non-petroleum ingredients. In addition, none of the cosmetics you’ll find in our stores have been tested on animals.While the price range of some products may be surprising to younger consumers, it is important to remember that the high quality ingredients used in these products make them more comparable to department store cosmetics than those you’d find in other grocery or drug stores. Being good to your body and looking your best go hand in hand when you choose natural cosmetics.

Come take a look at the selection of shades for going back to school. Remember that natural doesn’t have to be boring! Naturally-derived ingredients mean that you’ll find gorgeous earth tones to complement any skin tone. Colors that highlight your specific features will ensure that others are noticing you, not your makeup. After all, school is for studying! With correct application, a little makeup can go a long way.In my upcoming posts I’ll be sharing more information and tips on how to look your best using the products found in our Whole Body opens in a new tab department. Got a favorite shade of natural makeup? Let me hear about it!

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