Lunchbox Pranks for April Fools’ Day

This April Fools' Day, pack a prank! Get in on the fun with these silly suggestions for your loved ones’ lunchboxes — googly eyes included.

At my house, we celebrate April Fools’ Day with lots of tomfoolery rather than cruel pranks. This year April 1 falls on a school day, so I’m packing a big serving of silly in my kids’ lunchboxes.

Want to get in on the fun? Here are eight ideas for lunchbox larks for April Fools’ Day. Mix and match for your perfect prank. (Don’t worry — these ideas work just as well for lunch at home too.)

  1. The Eyes Have It. To my 6- and 3-year-old kids, there is nothing better than finding googly eyes in unexpected places. Eyes on their apples, sandwiches, or every single edamame pods? You bet! Just remember to use googly eyes that are stickers, so you aren’t gluing them on the food.

  2. Nomnomnivores. I’ve heard of parents tucking plastic bugs into their kids’ lunches, however I’m most certain that neither of my daughters would eat their lunch — or perhaps any lunch after that if I included fake bugs. Instead I’m opting for mini dinosaurs. I’ll slice “bite marks" into their sandwiches and place tiny (but apparently hungry!) dinosaurs right beside them.

  3. Fake Foods. Include a plush or cardboard toy food from your kid’s toy box. This is great for kids having lunch at home because you can fill their entire plate with toy foods while having their real lunch hidden close by!

  4. Rotten Apple. Core out a hole in an apple and stuff it with a gummy worm. (Look for gummy worms in the bulk bins at your local Whole Foods Market, so you don’t have to buy a whole bag — and then eat the rest by yourself while packing lunches. Or is that just me?)

  5. Donut Seeds. Fill a small envelope with 365 Everyday Value® Organic Morning O’s and write “Donut Seeds” on the front and back.

  6. Banana Magic. According to multiple sources online, you can slice a banana without peeling it using just a sewing needle or pin. I have yet to master this ninja trick, so I’d like to hear from someone who has. I have a few days to practice.

  7. My, What Big Teeth You Have. Cut a red apple into thin wedges, then spread a layer of peanut, almond or sunflower seed butter on one side of each wedge. Put mini marshmallows, squares of celery, halved grapes or slivered almonds in between the apple wedges to create fearsome teeth-baring mouths.

  8. Surprise Bag. By opening a non-transparent snack-sized bag from the bottom, you can empty its contents, refill it with something completely different, then glue it closed, and no one will be the wiser. I can already imagine my 3-year old’s face when she opens her bag of cheddar bunnies only to find blueberries. (She loves blueberries, so after the initial surprise, she’ll happily eat them.)

Your turn! What are your plans for April Fools’ Day? 

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