Make It a Sparkling Summer with Prosecco Cocktails

Add some pop to your summer entertaining with prosecco cocktails featuring the season’s finest flavors including strawberries, blackberries and nectarines.

Smoky Nectarine Punch

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Prosecco is Italy’s answer to Champagne, and prosecco cocktails are my answer to the “what should I drink this summer” question. Prosecco’s slightly sweet profile makes it an ideal match for cocktails. Plus, with summer’s bounty of fruit ripe for the picking, it’s cocktail time!

Thirsty for inspiration? If you’re hosting brunch or cocktail hour, treat friends and family to a simple Bellini bar. All you need to do is chill bottles of prosecco and make purées of summer’s best fruits for flavoring. Try puréed and strained peaches, cherries, blackberries or raspberries.

A sparkling summer

In addition, here are three foolproof ideas for summer afternoons on the porch, evenings under the stars and, of course, brunch with friends.

  • Prosecco + a spoonful of strawberry jam

  • Prosecco + blackberries + a drizzle of maple syrup

  • Prosecco + balls of cantaloupe + lemonade


Here are four of our favorite summer sippers that do (or can!) include prosecco.

Mango Mimosas

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Who says you can’t improve on the classic mimosa?  

Strawberry-Lemon Sodas

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Make this fruity soda an adults-only cocktail by substituting a bottle of prosecco for the sparkling water.

Cherry-Cucumber Coolers

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Skip the sparkling water in this recipe and top off with prosecco instead.

Blueberry-Herb Lemonade Punch

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The recipe calls for sparkling water; I highly recommend experimenting with prosecco.

How are you serving prosecco this summer? Share your ideas.

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