A Market-Fresh Spring Brunch

Spring produce is perfect for cooking a special occasion brunch. The editors of SAVEUR share a seasonal menu that highlight’s fresh flavors.

Frittata - photo by Nicky Ryan

SAVEUR opens in a new tab is a magazine for people who experience the world food-first. Their editors have pulled together a beautiful brunch that’ll have you celebrating spring and savoring a world of authentic cuisine.When hints of spring start appearing in the produce section — rhubarb, baby greens, asparagus, and the first few strawberries — we know it’s time to celebrate the season.

We love showing off the best of spring with a bright, flavorful brunch — one that features our favorite young produce paired with the rich flavors of smoked salmon and farm-fresh eggs.

A compote of rhubarb and berries is delicious spooned over rich Greek yogurt, while tender asparagus plays well in a frittata and a simple mixed-greens salad gets a kick from fresh radishes and a horseradish dressing.

Smoked salmon is amazing any time of year but we love to take advantage of fresh salmon when they start to run. You can enhance the briny flavor of salmon, by making your own cured gravlax to serve atop a crispy potato galette.

A classic mimosa is always a good choice for a brunch beverage, but adding in some floral notes with a splash of rosewater and orange liqueur sends it to the moon: it’s a 1970s-era cocktail called the Moonwalk.

To plan a celebratory spring brunch for Easter or Mother’s Day or any given Sunday this season, try this menu from the SAVEUR Test Kitchen:

Cooking tips and more about this menu:

  • If you want to make your own cured salmon to use in place of the store-bought lox on the potato galette, try our easy recipe for Swedish Cured Salmon flavored with pepper, cloves, and dill. The fish requires at least 5 days to cure, so be sure to plan ahead.

  • The Moonwalk can be swapped out for a Rossini (sparkling wine with strawberries), or any number of champagne cocktails. Not a sweet cocktail fan? There's always the classic bloody mary opens in a new tab or one of its infinite variations opens in a new tab.

  • Kolaches, filled pastries of Eastern European origin, are made with a sweet yeast dough and can be filled with just about any fruit, not just strawberries.

  • If a frittata isn't your thing, eggs and asparagus pair well in other preparations as well. Try an omelet filled with diced asparagus, or poached eggs served over blanched asparagus — the runny yolk makes a great sauce for the tender spears. Or take it to go with a sandwich of thin-sliced hard-boiled eggs and shaved raw asparagus with salt and mayonnaise on dark brown bread.

Do you have any favorite breakfast or brunch recipes you like to make with springtime ingredients? Let us know in the comments below!
Visit our spring gatherings site opens in a new tab for more expert tips on what to cook and how to cook it, being the host- or host-ess with the most-est and fun ideas for cooking with kids.

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(Images: Used with permission from SAVEUR)

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