Mastering the Melon: Tips and Recipes for a Fresh Look at Watermelon

Make the most of watermelon season with fresh tips and brilliant new recipes.

Nothing says summer like vibrant, refreshing watermelon: Outrageously colorful, yielding and sweet at the center and crisper and mild towards the rind, and packed with cooling, hydrating juice.

It’s hard to beat wedges of chilled melon fresh from the fridge, but watermelon’s generous size and seasonal abundance are compelling reasons to get creative with it. Experimenting with bold flavor combinations and an expanded roster of techniques and recipes can transform your summer eating.

Here are the basics on choosing and using watermelon, followed by a selection of creative recipes to expand your summer repertoire.

Watermelon Slices

Watermelon 101

  • Choose melons with deeply colored, unblemished skin. It’s fine if one side is paler than the rest; this indicates the part of the melon that rested on the ground while it was ripening on the vine.

  • A fresh, lightly sweet aroma is a sign of ripe watermelon. When tapped, it should sound taut and hollow if ripe.

  • Seedless varieties are popular in today’s market, but seeds are so easy to remove that you should let ripeness be your guide when selecting a melon.

  • If you purchase a piece of a cut watermelon, look for firm, solid flesh with deep color and no cracks.

  • Before storing or cutting whole watermelon, rinse the exterior well under cold running water.

  • Whole watermelon will keep at room temperature 7 to 10 days. Once cut, watermelon is best eaten as soon as possible but can be refrigerated for 2 to 3 days.

  • Watermelons flavor goes particularly well with lime, mint, basil, red onion, fresh cheeses, chiles, strawberries and neutral spirits such as vodka and light rum.

  • Use watermelon in just about any recipe you would cantaloupe or honeydew, or try substituting it for other recipe with high-water vegetables like cucumber or tomatoes.

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Watermelon consists of an awesome 90 percent water, so it’s no surprise that it makes an ideal base for drinks. Refreshing Watermelon Agua Fresca opens in a new tab is light and delicious and packs pure summer flavor. Incredibly popular, gorgeously hued Watermelon Lemonade opens in a new tab is terrific for a crowd; you can even make it do service through cocktail hour by adding a shot of vodka to each glass. And you can enjoy two of summer’s favorite fruits in these Strawberry Watermelon Coolers opens in a new tab, packed with flavor and lightened by lots of ice and sparkling water.

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Sides and Salads

Mix up your grilling routine with Grilled Watermelon with Olive Oil and Sea Salt opens in a new tab; heat caramelizes the outside of the melon, resulting in a particularly complex flavor heightened by a hit of coarse salt. It makes a surprising side dish for spicy meats, as do Watermelon and Strawberry Salad with Chile Vinaigrette opens in a new tab and Watermelon and Arugula Salad opens in a new tab, both which are filled with fabulous seasonal flavors. Either salad makes an ideal dish for picnics or potlucks.

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Main Courses

Watermelon shares the stage with a favorite summer catch, halibut, in Halibut with Watermelon Salsa opens in a new tab, a brilliant recipe that uses watermelon both as a marinade and as a topping. Seafood is also the star in Shrimp, Watermelon and Goat Cheese Salad opens in a new tab, an easy choice for cookouts. (This recipe also works wonderfully with boneless skinless chicken breast.) And healthful, awesomely colorful Black Bean, Corn and Watermelon Salsa opens in a new tab will turn any simple grilled item from tofu to burgers to steaks into a celebration of watermelon.

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Snacks and Desserts

Watermelon is the key to a bevy of satisfying, almost effortless summer treats. Watermelon Granita opens in a new tab is one of the easiest, iciest refreshers around, perfect for an intermezzo between courses or as a light dessert. Grape and Watermelon Freezer Pops opens in a new tab are low in added sweetener. 

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…Don’t Forget the Rind!

Want the satisfaction of using all your melon? Try watermelon rind in this mildly flavored Strawberry-Watermelon Water with Basil opens in a new tab, a terrific way to boost your water intake, or make a version of a southern favorite with the recipe for Pickled Watermelon Rind with Radishes opens in a new tab.

Got a watermelon recipe that floats your boat? Tell us about it!

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