Meaty Easter Entrées

Update your holiday favorite with a bit of a twist or a complete 180° and make this meal one to remember. Start a new tradition with our favorite Easter entrées.

In many households Easter dinner or lunch is anchored by traditional fare — a ham or lamb. Even when those around the table are expecting “the usual”, you can give it a bit of a twist or a complete 180°  with a tasty new recipe that updates that favorite standby.

A sweet glaze, chunky chutney or savory crust might be just the thing to make this meal one to remember . . . and one that will be requested again. After all, traditions must start somewhere! We''re highlighting eight of our favorite Easter main course recipes to inspire you.

(We’ve even thrown in a beef entrée for those cooks who want a twist on the traditional meal.)



Left with leftovers? Go beyond sandwiches and try these tasty solutions for ham.

Explore more Easter entrée options including beef, veal and game birds here opens in a new tab.

What will be at the center of your table this Easter? What will you do with leftovers?

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