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Meet Zahara. Zahara owns a small home-based weaving business in Morocco. She sells her weavings in the market to townspeople who use in their marriage ceremonies and to visiting tourists. She raises her own sheep and uses their wool to prepare her thread for her and her daughter, who is also a weaver.Zahara is a client of Whole Planet Foundation’s microfinance partner INMAA in Morocco, where Whole Foods Market sources rosemary. Zahara is now on her sixth loan with INMAA, borrowing MAD 2,500 (USD $280) to build her weaving and livestock business. She’s currently using the profits from her business to build an additional room for her home.

All over the globe, in developing countries in Africa, Asia, Latin America and also here in the United States opens in a new tab, Whole Planet Foundation helps entrepreneurial women, like Zahara and her daughter, lift themselves out of poverty by giving them access to microcredit.  

It’s with your help that we’re able to do that! This year during Whole Planet Foundation’s 2013 Annual Prosperity Campaign, going on now through March 31st, we’re aiming to raise $5.7 million for microcredit. Because Whole Foods Market covers all of Whole Planet Foundation’s administrative costs, 100% of the money raised benefits the very poor living in communities that supply Whole Foods Market stores with products like coffee, tea, cacao, rice, tropical fruits and vegetables, spices, baskets and apparel. It’s our way of giving back to the people who live in these communities, and I hope you’ll join us.

There are many opportunities to get involved:

Microcredit clients

To date, Whole Planet Foundation has committed more than $34 million and disbursed $22 million through microfinance partners around the globe opens in a new tab, supporting 1.5 million people with the opportunity to change their own lives. 

Please join the campaign opens in a new tab and enable 200,000 more people with prosperity. Thank you!

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