Memorable Memorial Day Recipes

Memorable Recipes. Consider making these grill-friendly entrees, wonderful side dishes and delicious, light desserts part of your Memorial Day weekend plans.

Memorial Day for most of us now marks the official start of the warm weather season. People still refer to it as Decoration Day in some parts of the U.S., the original name when the holiday was formalized just after the Civil War as a patriotic day to honor those fallen in battle. In the early 20th century, the holiday evolved into a day when family grave sites were tidied up—and decorated with fresh flowers—followed by a big outdoor picnic in the church yard.While most of us no longer spend the morning at the cemetery, the kids are out of school (or soon to be), the pools are open, flags wave from porches and grills are scrubbed and ready for a starring role in the back yard. Perhaps you’re hosting a family Memorial Day party or have been invited to a neighborhood celebration. We’ve got some especially memorable recipe ideas for your weekend regardless of whether you’re the grill master, making a veggie side dish or sweetly bringing the evening to a close with a lovely, light dessert.Tasty Fare from the Grill:

Memorable Sides:

Refreshingly Original Drinks:

Sweet Endings:

Have a marvelous Memorial Day weekend, drive with care if you are traveling and please let us know your favorite dish at the cookout.

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