Memorial Day and Beer — A Classic


Memorial Day is here again and the usual way to pass the day is to grill and drink beer. I am lucky in the fact that my mom and dad home brew their beers so we always have a plethora of beers to choose from! Each year we line up the coolers filled to the brim with beers and ice in the shade of the pecan tree. Dad always tries to brew something new and we have had everything from a chocolate stout to pair with pork ribs or a crisp pilsner to complement my mom’s spicy chicken, but for this little vegetarian and my grilled portobello mushroom, I always like clean kolsh ale.Here are a few more tips for pairing the perfect beer with your food. If you have spicy foods and you need to help cut the heat, grab a beer with light hops, like a pale ale or German Hefeweizen. And don't be scared of the dark beers — stouts are known to bring out the smokey flavors in meat.Not everyone has a home brewer in the family like me, so swing by your local Whole Foods Market beer and wine department. We have beer in every color and style! Whatever the menu at your Memorial Day get-together, always remember to stomp Prohibition and grab a 6-pack or two!Note: Due to varying local regulations, beer and wine are not available in all of our stores.Kat Seymour has been with Whole Foods Market since 2002 and has worked in our Beer and Wine department for the last three years. Her background with beer and wine started at a young age due to her parents home brewing, but she didn't have her first beer until the responsible age of 21.

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