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Don’t delay…whether it’s you, your dad, son, brother or best friend, it’s time to learn about  top health concerns for men in different stages of life, and the proven benefits of prevention. Get straightforward answers to questions like “what’s in a men’s multi?” and “which supplements are worthwhile?”Graham Rigby is VP of Innovation & Marketing at New Chapter.Many health concerns affect men of all ages – including the need for a healthy inflammation response, healthy omega-3 and other essential fatty acid levels and for enhanced levels of Vitamin D. Regarding age specific needs:

  • Teens – One critical health need of concern for young men who are still growing is bone health.
    • In fact 7 out of 10 teenage boys in the US do not include enough calcium in their diets.

  • Middle age – As men age, other major health concerns come into focus including inflammation/antioxidant status, stress/energy support, proper digestion, cardiovascular health, and prostate health.
    • Half of all men over the age of 50 experience changes in urine frequency and flow which can seriously affect a man’s quality of life.

  • Older – Our elder years incorporate many of the issues faced by younger and middle-age men, with the increasing importance of eye and cognitive health.
    • Supplementation for this group is of high importance, as the ability to absorb key nutrients can be compromised among the elderly.

    The American Medical Association now recommends a multivitamin for everyone.

    • It is especially important to know that in vitamin and mineral supplementation - more is not always better.

    • Nutrients can actually create imbalances in the body when consumed in a form and amount not obtainable through food.

    Here are nutrients that are specifically important for men:

    • B complex – B-vitamins play many important roles in the body and help support cardiovascular health, energy production, cognitive health, and mood health. 

    • B6, B12 and folate are especially important for modulating levels of homocysteine.

    • B-12 is especially important for older men, largely due to an impaired ability to absorb the nutrient.

    • Vitamin D – Known best for its role in calcium absorption, modern science has now found that this Vitamin plays an important role throughout the human body.

      • Nutritional experts agree that the current RDA/DV (400 IU) is insufficient for supporting Vitamin D’s expansive role in blood pressure regulation, blood sugar control, immune health, cell growth, cognitive function, muscle strength and bone health.
      • The Vitamin D Council predicts that the new RDA will be 1000IU/day for otherwise healthy people.

    • Vitamin K2, which is important for cardiovascular health.

    • Zinc and Selenium are two nutrients important for overall prostate health.

    • Antioxidants Vitamin E, C and carotenoids, at proper levels, protect cells from oxidative damage; important for healthy aging and a healthy inflammation response.

    In addition to a multivitamin, these supplements are most often recommended for men :

    • Fish oil - A landmark study at Harvard University that studied preventable causes of death in the United States listed “Low Dietary Omega-3 Fatty Acids” as a larger preventable cause of death than:

      • Low dietary intake of fruits and vegetables
      • Alcohol use

    • Omega fatty acids play an important role in healthy inflammation response and been shown to benefit cardiovascular, immune, brain and digestive health.

    • Prostate-specific herbs & foods including Saw Palmetto, Nettle root, Pumpkin Seed oil and Ginger.

      • Research has shown the combination of these herbs and foods work synergistically and provide benefits better than taking any one of them alone.

    • Herbs that promote a healthy inflammation response.

      • As inflammation occurs in each of our cells, research has shown that a healthy inflammation response is critical to healthy aging and overall health and wellness.
      • Several herbs and foods, such as turmeric, green tea, ginger, and rosemary, have all been shown to promote healthy inflammation response on their own. Their effect, when combined, however, is increased significantly.

  • Top reasons for men to choose high quality natural supplements over conventional brands:

    • Products have been formulated by nutritional/herbal experts and deliver nutrients in forms and doses that are supported by research are usually slightly more expensive and more effective.

    • Avoiding anything artificial is a helpful step, but sometimes labels leave off information that can affect a supplement’s quality.

      • For example, some conventional brands can employ the use of harsh chemical solvents in their extraction of herbs.
      • High quality brands use natural solvents – such as water and carbon dioxide- as an alternative.

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