Method made waves by packaging their unique cleaning products with 100% post-consumer-recycled materials. Learn how they’re taking this sea change to the next level by adding ocean plastic collected from the beaches of Hawaii to the mix.

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Method was already part of a sea change when their first cleaning products debuted in 2000. The world took notice of their vibrant formulas, irresistible fragrances and famously sleek and beautiful packaging — plus a commitment to be tough on dirt, yet gentle on the planet with naturally derived, biodegradable ingredients.

Method founder Adam Lowery photographed in their offices in San Francisco on July 29, 2012.

Now Method’s founders, childhood pals Adam Lowry and Eric Ryan, are making waves again and taking their packaging to the next level by using ocean plastic collected straight from the beaches of Hawaii.

“We’re demonstrating smart ways of reusing the plastics that are already on the planet,” Adam explains. “We recover plastic from the ocean, divert it from the landfill and recycle it into plastic bottles.”

Method has been using 100% post-consumer-recycled packaging for most products since 2006. What makes using ocean plastic unique is that it directly impacts marine ecosystems and raises public awareness about the serious problem of plastics in our oceans.

“We realize that only a small amount of plastic will be taken out of the ocean to make these bottles,” Adam says. “But we can have a big impact if we change people’s minds about their role in protecting our oceans.”

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As if that stylish soap pump wasn’t enough of a conversation starter, Method gives us one more reason to proudly display cleaning products instead of stashing them under the kitchen sink.

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