Microcredit Inspired Recipes

Whole Planet Foundation microcredit clients share their stories through traditional recipes. Try our versions of their favorite dishes, and donate at the register or online to help more people live a better life.

I will be forever grateful for the opportunity I was given when Whole Foods Market® hired me as a bagger nearly 10 years ago.

I desperately needed that chance at the time and that experience has given me a deep appreciation for the opportunity that access to microcredit provides to microcredit clients around the world.

I feel so lucky that helping these clients is the focus of my work now with Whole Planet Foundation opens in a new tab. One of my favorite things about working at Whole Foods Market is how we all talk about food!

Fellow Team Members as well as customers share stories about food and even better, by describing our favorite recipes, we share the culture and history of the dish as well as our own histories through them.

It is this passion for food we share that has excited me about my job every day for the last 10 years.

In much the same way, Whole Planet Foundation supported microcredit clients have told us about their lives, families, stories and culture through traditional recipes. Astou, a microcredit client of our partner Caurie Microfinance, makes a delicious dish of Senegalese Rice and Fish opens in a new tab — called “Thieboudienne” — at her small restaurant. We share our version of her dish in our collection of Microcredit Client Inspired Recipes.



When we ask you to help us help a million more people to change their own lives by contributing to the Whole Planet Foundation Annual Prosperity Campaign opens in a new tab, each one of those million people is an individual.

They are people with different struggles and successes but what they have in common are their inspiring stories of hope and creativity created by the opportunities that they were given them through access to microcredit.

What better way to share what we at Whole Planet Foundation have come to know about them than through the food that they make for their families, at their food stands, and in their small restaurants.

Get involved in Whole Planet Foundation’s 2012 Prosperity Campaign by enjoying one of hundreds of fundraising opportunities at Whole Foods Market locations in the US, UK and Canada – from wine tastings, fashion shows and silent auctions, to charity races and microbrewery events – or donate your small change for big change at store checkouts and online at wholeplanetfoundation.org opens in a new tab.

From now until March 18th, you can go to Whole Planet Foundation Facebook page opens in a new tab for a chance to win a trip for two to India to see microcredit in action.

Thank you for helping us to help people around the world to have the opportunity for a better life. Please enjoy their stories opens in a new tab and the delicious dishes that they have shared with us.

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