Modern Casseroles

Upgrade your casserole image with fresh seasonal ingredients for easy, affordable meals ideal for weeknight family dinners as well as for potlucks.

When you hear “casserole” do you still think of the June Cleaver variety made from mystery meat, mushy veggies or noodles and condensed cream-of-something soup that’s topped with crushed crackers? Not exactly what we want on our tables these days. But we don’t want to discard casseroles completely! They’re easy, affordable meals that are equally ideal for weeknight family dinners as well as for parties, potlucks and picnics. 

Let’s upgrade to a modern casserole:  A beautiful centerpiece relying on a rainbow of fresh seasonal ingredients to help you create good health and great taste.  Here’s a start with some of our favorites:

Casseroles are also perfect for getting creative with leftovers, so that nothing goes to waste.  One of my favorites is an enchilada casserole made from corn tortillas layered with leftover beans, salsa fresca, feta cheese (a personal favorite), and sliced zucchini.  It’s great with a dollop of guacamole!
Here’s a list of ingredients you might like to use the next time you build a casserole:    

  • Whole grains

    • Brown or wild rice
    • Buckwheat, millet or amaranth
    • Whole wheat, spelt or sprouted whole grain pasta
    • Cracked wheat, whole wheat couscous or spelt

  • Legumes

    • Pinto, black, and navy beans
    • Lima and butter beans
    • Split peas, lentils, adzuki beans and black eyed peas

  • Fresh veggies

    • Onions, tomatoes and mushrooms
    • Kale, collards, and chard
    • Carrots, colorful bell peppers and butternut squash
    • Chives, leeks and shallots

  • Fresh herbs and seasonings

    • Basil, thyme oregano
    • Marjoram, parsley, rosemary
    • Turmeric, curry, cumin and coriander

Are you king or queen of the casseroles?  Got a favorite?  Let me know.

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