Moms' Food Rules


Pizza with Salad

It's in the job description: moms have to make up all kinds of rules. Some moms are particularly gifted at this part of the job: "Don't run with scissors." Others, not so much: "No whiskey before noon."

Let's have some fun sharing our Moms' rules about food and eating - maybe even pick up some new ones! For example, I tell my daughter that she can only eat pizza if she has a side salad along with it. Here are a few of the "Moms' Food Rules" collected from my teammates.


  • You don't get a dinner roll until your salad/veggies are gone.

  • No quesadillas without pintos on the side.

  • Taste your food before adding table salt.

  • Take three bites of everything on your plate.

  • Can't buy a packaged cereal if sugar is one of the top three ingredients.

  • Wash your hands before you eat.

  • Don't snitch the cookie batter - there are raw eggs in there.

  • No mac and cheese without peas.

  • Wait an hour after lunch before getting back into the pool.

  • At picnics: a little dirt never hurt anyone and you can't taste ants.

What are your favorite rules from your mom or the rules you've made up for your kids? We'd love to hear them!

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