Money-Saving Tips for Fast and Easy Meals

Here are my favorite pointers (plus coupons!), so you can get dinner on the table with ease and get more of the good stuff for less than you think.

Goat Cheese and Leek Quiche

Goat Cheese and Leek Quiche

In my house, saving starts before we even get to the grocery story. With printable coupons and local deals, we make our meal plan. We also subscribe to our email newsletter to receive the latest specials and coupons, plus loads of tested recipes.

My kids are now back in school, and I’ve shifted my focus to easy lunches and quick dinners. Here are my favorite pointers to get more of the good stuff for less than you think.

Be a Smart Saver

  • Did you know thousands of items are on sale in your Whole Foods Market store right now? Just look for the sale signs or search a sample of sale items online before you shop.

  • Whole Foods Market also has coupons! Download coupons before you shop – we put out new ones every two months — and print them as often as you need.

  • Shop 365 Everyday Value®. It’s easy to find hundreds of affordable pantry staples within our 365 Everyday Value® line.


  • Head to the salad bar when you need small amounts of veggies. Ingredients are prewashed, pre-chopped and often organic!

  • Experiment with frozen fruits and vegetables. They're frozen just after being harvested and are nutritionally comparable to fresh alternatives. Use only what you need when you need it, so there is no waste.

  • Opt for simple seafood dinners! Frozen fish fillets are easy to cook and individual quick frozen means you can cook only what you need.

  • Put roasted chicken on your shopping list, and then add salads, tacos, soup, sandwiches or pasta dishes to your weekly menu. We’ve got some good recipes in this blog post on 10 Quick Dinners with Roasted Chicken.

  • A store-bought piecrust is a delicious shortcut to sweet desserts and savory dinners such as Rotisserie Chicken Pot Pie or Goat Cheese and Leek Quiche.

  • Use premade pizza dough to make calzones, easy dinner rolls or flatbread. Check out this blog post on 10 Things to do with Pizza Dough Beyond Pizza for inspiration.

Work Ahead

  • Make baked pasta, chili or a casserole and freeze it in individual portions. Here are more ideas for freezer-friendly meals.

  • Prepare a big batch of staple ingredients — lentils, grains or veggies — and then incorporate them into various dishes during the week. Take a look at this How To Batch Cook And Freeze video.

  • Make extras and make magic with leftovers. Transform a today’s salad into tomorrow’s wrap; pasta into a frittata or cooked rice into fried rice. Discover more leftover ideas and recipes.

What are your best tips for saving time and money at mealtime?

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