Money-Saving Tips for Summer Essentials

Try ten of our favorite ways to celebrate the true tastes of summer without a real burden on your budget.

Feeling lost trying to reconcile delicious good-for-you food with affordability? Here’s your guide for how to squeeze the most value from the season’s superstars (think berries, veggies and herbs) without leaving your values behind.

Try ten of our favorite ways to celebrate the true tastes of summer without a real burden on your budget.

  1. Envision “whirled peas.” Make simple chickpea hummus and get creative with flavor using what you have on hand — herbs, spices, grilled veggies, artichoke hearts.

  2. Budget aid. Homemade lemonade won’t squeeze your savings. Homemade limeade or a combination of the two is easy on your budget, too.

  3. Tea time. Making large batches of iced tea at home is easy and an indisputable money-saver. Add fresh fruit and mint . . . perhaps from your garden. 

  4. Pesto change-o! Make your own pesto with raw herbs or greens, nuts from the bulk section, a hard cheese, lemon juice and olive oil. Try it with pasta or steamed vegetables, use it as a spread on sandwiches and wraps, or serve as a dip with raw veggies or pita chips.

  5. Lick overspending. No need to spring for store-bought ice pops. Homemade is a great use for juices, yogurt or berries in your fridge.

  6. Budget barista. Save some bucks by making your own iced coffee. Use leftover a.m. coffee to make coffee ice cubes to avoid dilution.

  7. Give up the bottle. DIY vinaigrette is easy to tinker with and customize. Beyond salad, use it as a marinade or veggie dip. (Chef’s tip: you can make sherry-walnut vinaigrette with: shallot + whole grain mustard + walnut oil + sherry vinegar + chervil + finely chopped toasted walnuts.)

  8. Morning DJ. Mix up smooth-ie hits and juicy tunes at home for just a song. Try this Blueberry Muffin Smoothie for a fresh and filling breakfast shake. Mango fans will love this decedent vegan lassi.

  9. Why scream? Make ice cream sandwiches with 365 Everyday Value® cookies and ice cream. Bonus: drizzle with melted Whole Trade® chocolate before freezing.

  10. Raise the bar. To make granola bars, shop our bulk aisle for what you need and nothing else — no hydrogenated fats or artificial colors, or flavors.

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How do you enjoy the flavors of late spring and early summer without burning a hole in your wallet?

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