Mother's Day Contest Winner & Honorable Mentions

Wow! We were amazed by the number of entries to our online Mother’s Day contest – 1400+ comments. Thanks to all of you for sharing your product recommendations and mom stories. We loved reading them all! In fact, we couldn’t stop with one $100 gift card winner, so we also have named 5 Honorable Mention winners of a FEED 100 reusable bag. Hope you all had  a very happy Mother’s Day, everyone! WINNER: Willis Weber

Wow! We were amazed by the number of entries to our online Mother’s Day contest – 1400+ comments. Thanks to all of you for sharing your product recommendations and mom stories. We loved reading them all! In fact, we couldn’t stop with one $100 gift card winner, so we also have named 5 Honorable Mention winners of a FEED 100 reusable bag.Hope you all had  a very happy Mother’s Day, everyone!WINNER: Willis Weber

That is how I would celebrate my wife on this very special Mother’s Day for us!My wife and I were surprised a few days ago with a premature son! Born 30 days early, Henry came in time to make my wife a full-blown mother on this Mother’s Day! For her I would buy the world if I could! But limiting it to products found in Whole Foods is ok, too. FIRST, a plethora of organically grown daisies! (Her favorite flower and the same one I gave to her on the day I asked her to marry me.) Cut or potted it doesn’t matter. Regular or Gerber it doesn’t matter. What matters is that they are organically grown Whole Foods daisies for my wife!SECOND, for appetizers, she craves the freshly made guacamole at Whole Foods. Just enough flavor and kick! A bag of 365 non-salted white corn tortilla chips to dip with.NEXT, more apps! This time baked brie and bread. She’s had to watch which types of cheeses she ate while pregnant–the hardest to give up was brie. And this Mother’s Day meal would be the first time she’s had brie in over 8 months!FOURTH, her main course, freshly-made sushi from the deli section in Whole Foods. Sushi is another one of her favorite foods that was nixed from her diet during pregnancy. Sashimi, Tempora, California Rolls…all of it because she loves it so much!FINALLY, for dessert, a pint of Ben & Jerry’s FroYo Half-baked. I still remembered when she discovered the froyo version of it, she went bonkers! And the only place to carry it is our local Whole Foods.

Honorable Mention: Kristina C.

I just love Whole Foods!

Here’s a quick rundown of my favorite products from Whole Foods and why I love ‘em so much:

1. Cheese. Shopping with a 4 year old and a 6 year old means if there’s a tasting station, we’re going to stop and we’re going to try. The cheese section is a particular favorite, and it was because of the cheese samples that we’re now solid Wenseleydale with Cranberrry fans. Ok, to be honest, I’m pretty sure Wallace and Gromit are the main reason my kids were even willing to try it, but Whole Foods is the only place they’ve been able to taste it. Now, we never leave without buying a big slice.

2. 365 Organic Whole Wheat crackers. Can’t have cheese without some crackers, right?

3. Sambazon Acai smoothie packs. I LOOOVE morning smoothies and these frozen puree packs make my morning blender routine tasty and delicious. Whole Foods has been the only place I could find these puree packs.

4. Hubby is an (often homesick) Aussie and refuses to eat any sausages but the ones at your meat/deli counter. He says the sausages at Whole Foods are the closest thing to fair dinkum Aussie-style bangers he’s had in the U.S. The lamb chops there have also kept him from leaving me on many occasions, so, thanks for that.

5. Chopped veggies from your produce department dipped in a little 365 Organic Ranch Dressing and I know I won’t have to nag my kids to eat their veggies. I like the fact that the things I purchase there are organic. I also like knowing what part of the world (or what state) they are from.

Honorable Mention:Jennifer White

Where to start? The fantastic cheese selection (we have discovered so many new favorites)? The bakery (with the best fruit tarts)? The coffee/tea bar (mmm honey vanilla chai tea latte)? The produce, with always fresh pineapples available?

I have been introduced to Meange a Trois wines, Barramundi fish, Smoked Salmon, Cotswold cheese, Edamame, and Green & Black chocolates at Whole Foods. We use the recipes online to try new things; my son and daughter get a cookie from the bakery every time they go; my husband will actually shop without me having to bribe him to do so (although he comes home with a bag of things that he has “no idea what to do with these, but I’ll think of something!”).

The people who work at our local store are incredible, so friendly and helpful. The meat cutter on Wednesday mornings usually has a new idea for me to try out; the produce guy lets me know what “just came in and is really good today”; and the cashiers always know to not bag my meats and poultry in with the produce and breads!

I think I’ll spend Mother’s Day shopping. I won’t have to cook, clean or referee any fights–plus I’ll get chocolate!

Honorable Mention:Erin O.

As a mom, I know I would enjoy breakfast in bed to start out a perfect Mother’s Day. I would suggest the 365 Organic Waffles, Organic Strawberries, and tru-whip whipped topping with Agave Maple Syrup to make it perfect! Add fresh squeezed orange juice, WF green tea, and a side of sliced banana, grapes, and pineapple, fresh from the WF produce section, and breakfast is served! Next I would love a relaxing soak in a warm bath in rare solitude. WF has wonderful lavender bath salts and foot scrubs. And using the John Masters Organic hair care products, which are ultra pure, along with a facial scrub from Suki could be a delight to finish the morning. And to all the health conscious Moms out there…..Happy Mother’s Day 2009!

Honorable Mention:Krista Kubinek

For years I have struggled to find my Mom that perfect gift. From custom-strung necklaces, to new clothes, to her favorite perfume. Each met with a degree of politeness, but lacking in enthusiasm. Until last year. . . I bought her a $40 Whole Foods gift card for Mother’s Day, and she was thrilled! She not only thanked me a million times over for it, she has bragged about the amazing microplaner she purchased with it, and how she can make the perfect lemon zest. She has fawned over the specialty breads she enjoys so thoroughly, and the amazing steaks she has purchased & shared with friends for a weekend gathering. I decided this was success worth repeating. So, I can tell you with glee that I mailed off my Mother’s Day card complete with another $40 gift certificate tucked safely inside. Why mess with perfection?!

Honorable Mention:Alex McCoy

I am the mother of two in their 20’s. They are the most precious and creative women I know. My desire was for them to grow up to be responsible, caring adults who contribute to society and care about the world in which they live. Part of this growth was to be aware of the food they take into their bodies. With Whole Foods I was able able to expose them to the best quality food available in the Tulsa area. Over the years we have really enjoyed the fresh meats, veggies, bulk items (such as granola and nuts)and fruit leather. But their all-time favorite was grinding their own peanut butter with carob chips! Not only is this good to eat out of the container with a spoon, it makes great cookies and pb&js. My excitement,when Mother’s Day is near, is the anticipating of the beautiful flowers available at Whole Foods. A backyard barbeque of the sirloin hot dogs with fresh salads from the deli, with my two girls and my husband, would make my day complete.

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