This Mother’s Day, Make a Difference with Whole Trade

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Order Mother's Day Flowers Online opens in a new tabWhen Julia Ward Howe penned the original “Mother’s Day Proclamation” in 1870, it was a call to action:

“We will not have great questions decided by irrelevant agencies,” Ward declared, because mothers know first-hand the problems of the “great human family.”

More than 100 years later, Howe’s words remind us that “great questions” like poverty and sustainability are not faceless problems beyond our reach. Each of us can make a difference in myriad ways, big and small.

In fact, thanks to your support in purchasing Whole Trade® products opens in a new tab, real improvements in people’s lives are happening every day.

What Is the Whole Trade Guarantee?

When you see the Whole Trade seal on a product, you can rest assured it’s been third-party certified to the following criteria:

Growing Strong Communities

When you buy a Whole Trade product, you invest in families and communities. For small farmers, we guarantee a fair price for their products. This helps them cover the cost of sustainable production and ensures that they continue to make a viable living in farming. For large farms with many workers, Whole Foods Market pays a community development premium, and the workers then determine how those funds are used for social, economic and environmental development projects.

You can read about the meaningful experiences of team members who’ve visited these communities opens in a new tab and farms and have seen the development projects in action.

Whole Trade Helps Real People

The community development premium translates into tangible improvements for farm workers and the communities they live in, such as child care, scholarships, affordable housing and accessible health care. For Lucia, a rose farmworker in Ecuador, it means more time she can spend with her family after a day in the fields:

“I used to spend my free time doing laundry for my family in the rivers with very cold water. I had very little free time. Now thanks to the washers and dryers project from the sales of Whole Trade roses, I can bring my laundry to work during working hours and take care of washing and drying my clothes for me and my family.”

For Luz Mary, a post-harvest farmworker in Colombia, Whole Trade has made a dream of home ownership come true:  

“…with the cooperation and support you have given me, I have been able to make true one of my biggest dreams — that is to have my own house which today I enjoy. Thanks again and may other families receive the great support I had.”

Improving Lives with Every Purchase

Order Mother's Day Flowers Online opens in a new tab

Every purchase of Whole Trade products helps farmworkers like Lucia and Luz Mary.   This spring, look for the Whole Trade seal on select seasonal produce, including asparagus, mangoes, melons, peppers and much more.

Planning a Mother’s Day brunch? Make it extra meaningful with Whole Trade pineapple, coffee and tea. And don’t forget about Whole Trade chocolates and Whole Trade flowers. They’re a great way to say “I care”— in more ways than one!

How will you say “I care” this Mother’s Day? Share your inspiration in the comments section.

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