Mother's Little (Last Minute) Helpers



Are you starting to go a bit crazy? Is the weight of the week crushing you just a bit? Instead of reaching for the Rolling Stones' version of Mother's Little Helpers, reach for your phone or your car keys instead. Your Whole Foods Market team members are here for you! We love this week. Really!No time to cook? Yes, you've procrastinated but team members at our Holiday Tables opens in a new tab are specially trained (if "trial by fire" counts as training!) to help even the most frazzled and disorganized dinner host. Call us or drop in to experience "holiday central" for yourself.If you've waited too late to place an official order for your Thanksgiving meal, our Prepared Foods team members are cranking out the side dishes and rolls and pies - tons and tons of all things good. Just roll up your basket and fill it with goodies. What about a celebratory wine to go with the meal? Never fear. Our Top Holiday Wines opens in a new tab help you get great tasting quality wines at affordable prices - all under $15 a bottle.


Heading to someone else's house for dinner? Don't arrive empty handed. Stop in for flowers, wine, sides, pies - anything you want to contribute, we've got you covered.And for that really, really, really last minute help, many of our stores are open for shortened hours on Thanksgiving Day. If you are in need on the big day, give your local store opens in a new tab a call to find out what hours they are there.Happy Thanksgiving... you'll get by with a little help from your friends!

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