This is My Year to... Know Where My Food Comes From



We're halfway through January. Have you set some aspirations for yourself yet? We know many of our customers ask questions about where their food comes from. Here are some ideas on how you can be more conscious about your food choices.Tune in throughout the month of January for more ideas and don't forget to declare your food-related mantra on our Facebook This is My Year to... app opens in a new tab. By voting (daily through January), your support could earn the Non-GMO Project, The Organic Center's Mission Organic 2010 or Growing Power an extra $10,000 donation above the $10k we are already donating to each.Go Local - You'll enjoy fresh picks, foster a connection with your food and help support the people who produce it. Our minimum standard for the local label on produce is that which has traveled seven or fewer hours from the farm to our facility.Choose Organic - Organic agriculture meets the needs of the present without compromising the needs of future generations. The National Organic Standards prohibit genetically engineered seeds or crops, sewage sludge, persistent pesticides, herbicides and fungicides.Choose Certified Sustainable -The Marine Stewardship Council is an international, nonprofit organization that supports sustainable fisheries through strict standards and third-party certification. They are committed to healthy marine ecosystems and promoting a long-term supply of seafood.


Know Where My Farmed Seafood Comes From - Our Whole Foods Market Aquaculture Standards set strict requirements for raising and processing farm-raised fish. They prohibit substances such as antibiotics, added hormones and preservatives, and require certain practices to protect the environment.Let Hens be Hens - Cage-free eggs are from hens that are allowed to move freely within a chicken house or outdoors where they get exercise and scratch about. At Whole Foods Market, all shell eggs and those used in our kitchens and bakeries are cage free.Choose Organic Dairy - Organic dairy products come from the milk of animals with access to organic pasture in combination with organically grown feed. Synthetic growth hormones are prohibited by the National Organic Standards.Shop Whole Trade - Choosing Whole Trade products supports a commitment to ethical trade, the environment and quality foods. Plus, 1% of sales goes to the Whole Planet Foundation, which offers direct microcredit loans to help eradicate poverty through entrepreneurship.

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