This is My Year to... Make Simple Changes



While the New Year provides a framework for making life changes, any time is a good time to strive for positive growth. What's nice is that simple changes can have big impacts. Here are some ideas that don't ask a lot of you but really deliver.And speaking of asking just a little of you, we're asking you to take a simple action and declare your food-related mantra on our Facebook This is My Year to... app opens in a new tab. By voting (daily through January), your support could earn the Non-GMO Project, The Organic Center's Mission Organic 2010 or Growing Power an extra $10,000 donation above the $10k we are already donating to each. This is a simple thing to do that will make a huge impact!Reduce Packaging to Reduce Cost - One of the easiest ways to save money, yet still enjoy high-quality, additive-free foods is to shop the bulk bins. You can select just as much or as little as you need and you're paying for less packaging and its associated manufacturing and transportation costs.Choose for the Future - When looking for convenience, look for better choices. Choose disposable plates, napkins and paper towels made from 100% recycled content paper, recycled plastic, or bamboo paper without chlorine bleaching. Future generations will thank you.Clean Green - One of the easiest things you can do to help preserve our planet is to switch out all your household cleaning products and detergents with safer alternatives. These days there are effective choices in every category for a fresh, clean home with no guilt.Get My Glow on with Natural Cosmetics - What you apply to your skin can get absorbed into your body. Natural makeup is made with significantly fewer synthetic ingredients and a higher percentage of active botanical ingredients and color from plants and minerals…and no testing on animals!Share the Love - Whole Foods Market makes it easier than ever to shop for and prepare wholesome natural and organic foods for your family and friends. Our gift cards make it easy to share that quality even when family and friends are far away or need a healthy reminder.


Try Something New - The bulk bins are a great place for discovery! You can purchase small amounts of products so that everyone in the family can try something new. It's also great for stocking up on granola, grains, beans and pasta, the staples of wholesome family meals.Remember My Bags - While many supermarkets are just starting to "get it," we've been offering re-usable shopping bags for decades. And, to reward you, we've always given you money back every time you re-use a bag at the register. Now it's up to you to remember them!

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