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New! Celebrate with Champagne Cheddar


Sharing good times, wonderful food and the experience of new and tasty treats with family and friends is one of the most treasured parts of the holidays.Fast forward to the week following Christmas. Mentally we are in gear to celebrate New Year’s Eve and this special day, along with weddings, makes me think of Champagne.

We Love Champagne

Bubbly and fun, Champagne is so unique! From a very small area in the northeast of France, the environment features a deluxe temperature that lets the grapes ripen perfectly.

And We Really Love Cheese

Our goal was to create a cheese that would complement this exciting time of year. We reviewed all of the qualities that we love about the wine and worked to define a cheese that meets the right expectations. Maybe a deviation from creamy soft ripened cheeses, yet something that highlights the flavors of the wine…

So We Made This

We partnered with our friends in the UK to create Champagne Cheddar!  The cheese is made using Cheddar aged 10 months and produced using traditional Farmhouse methods. Then the Cheddar is milled again to break it up, and the champagne is added. After that, it’s aged further and formed into its final shape.

It Tastes Amazing

Wonderful yeasty and fruity flavors are complemented by the creamy mouthfeel of this complex Cheddar. We really like the components that our producer partners and friends bring to this unique cheese – see if you can taste the slightly citrus finish. Try it in these three new recipes:  Champagne Cheddar Cheese StrawsChampagne Cheddar Souffles and  Champagne Cheddar Fondue .

It Pairs Well With This

What goes best with the flavors of Champagne and Cheddar? More Champagne! One of our favorites is also the best selling in France, Champagne Nicolas Feuillatte. The “Blue Label” Brut is perfectly balanced, dry yet fruity with notes of pear, apple, quince, fig and hazelnuts and, of course, an abundance of delicate bubbles.

And It's In Stores Now!

You can find Champagne Cheddar exclusively at Whole Foods Market®, and just in time for New Years toasting! We hope you love this cheese as much as we do. Try pairing it with the world’s most famous celebratory drink!

Tell us: how will you ring in the New Year with cheese?

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