New in the Cereal Aisle


Okay, I admit it. I still have a craving for sweet cereals. I fondly remember cocoa puffs, fruit loops and their sugary bliss. It probably tasted so good because it had a ton of sugar in it. Back when I was a kid, people didn’t really pay a lot of attention to sugar content. This was had to be good for you…right? Not so fast. Upon further review, it seems that loading up kids with a ton of sugar in the morning — not to mention artificial colors and preservatives — was not prudent.A few years back nutritionists and parents alike started scrutinizing the sugar content in foods designed for kids. Recently we’ve seen lots of products touting lower sugar content. Cereal was an obvious choice for new lower sugar products, but the real trick in kids’ cereals was to get them to taste good with less sugar. I remember the first iterations of low sugar cereals…they just didn’t taste enough like the products people were used to buying.The good news is that’s all changed.

Two of the best tasting, low sugar kids’ cereals I’ve tasted are the Annie’s Homegrown Bunny cereals. Most of you know Annie’s from their mac & cheese products — and their bunny mascot. They are the leader in natural and organic mac and cheese. They recently branched out — along with the bunny — into the cereal category. Last year we launched the first three varieties of Annie’s kids’ cereals, which, of course, are low in sugar content. They range from 2 to 9 grams per serving. That’s much less than the conventional brands that range from 12 to 16 grams per serving.

The inaugural Annie’s cereal products did so well that they created three new items. The new flavors are Fruity Bunnies, Honey Bunny Crunch and, my personal favorite, Cocoa and Vanilla Bunnies. They are so tasty that when we received the samples we ate them all up immediately and were asking the folks at Annie’s to PLEASE SEND MORE!! The fruit and cocoa flavors will definitely have you thinking about their more sugary conventional cousins and, as if having less sugar wasn’t enough of a bonus, they don’t contain any artificial flavors or preservatives either.Whether you have children or simply have a need to satisfy an adult sweet cereal craving, these new Annie’s cereal products are right on the mark.

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