New Haight-Ashbury Store


Haight-Ashbury Whole Foods Market Store Front

One of the benefits of being a team member here at the Austin, Texas headquarters of Whole Foods Market is getting a chance to attend a new store opening.For each new store, two of us are randomly selected to go.  I was lucky enough to attend the Haight-Ashbury store opening in San Francisco this past February.Our new Haight store is perfectly located at the tip of the historic Haight-Ashbury district and the western end of Golden Gate Park.  As we continue to add new stores, we keep an eye out for existing structures that will prevent us from having to build from scratch.   This location, previously occupied by Cala Market, was a great example of property re-use.  Also, with the Cala Market grocery closed, the community needed a grocery store to take its place and Whole Foods Market was a perfect fit.  The Haight-Ashbury area is lined with fun stores, shops and restaurants for most any interest, and still hangs on to its historical 1960's hippie roots.I hope you enjoy taking a tour of our Haight store through the pictures I took at the opening. The official "Bread Breaking" tradition that opens each new store, with members of the community, our Store Team Leader, and a recipient of our Local Producer Loan Program (Rustic Bakery opens in a new tab).

Community and Team Members Breaking Bread

Upon entering the store you are greeted with this sign showing you the direction to popular San Francisco districts.

Directional Sign showing San Francisco Neighborhoods

One of our produce displays showing bananas, oranges, pineapples, tangerines, kiwi, mangoes and other colorful and fresh produce.

Produce Counter

On to our hot bar that features a rotating menu from day-to-day, as well as soup and other warm foods you can purchase by the pound.

Hot Food Bar

Here's the fresh salad bar, including all sorts of healthy eating items, such as: beans, grains, vegetables and some of our homemade salad dressings.

Salad Bar

Our fully-stocked cheese table, featuring local and foreign cheeses made with cow, goat and sheep milks.

Cheese Table

Our seafood and meat counters showing daily specials and giving you many choices of fresh or frozen, wild or farm-raised.

Seafood Counter

One of our team members in the Whole Body section, waiting to assist customers.

Whole Body Team Member

The store also has a full-service coffee, tea and kombucha bar attached to the bakery.

Coffee and Kombucha Bar

A small sampling of our bakery, including freshly made pastries, tarts, cookies and other baked goodies.

Bakery at Haight-Ashbury Store

Finally, at the end of your shopping experience here is one side of our checkout line.  One cool tidbit about this area of the store is that the floor (shown in the lower left corner) was made from recycled wood from a school gymnasium.

Checkout Counter

This is our 5th location in the San Francisco area and we are so appreciative of everyone who made this store opening a success.  Thank you Whole Foods Market for allowing me to be part of this great experience!To find events, specials, hours, directions and more, visit the dedicated Haight-Asbury store page opens in a new tab for more information.

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