New in Non-Dairy


Continuing the theme from my last post…which was about products designed for kids with special diets…I have more new “special” products available at Whole Foods Market to share with you. This time we’re talking non-dairy. For those folks who have an allergy or aversion to dairy, their choices can be limited — think rice- and soy-based products. The good news is that there have been some recent innovations that have created more choices.Let’s say you’d love to eat yogurt, but…you can’t because of the dairy, so you look for a non-dairy yogurt and all you see is soy-based products and…you’ve got an aversion to soy as well. Sound unlikely? It’s not. There are thousands of people who have problems with both dairy and soy. There are even more who want an alternative to dairy, but don’t enjoy the taste of soy. Enter So Delicious Coconut Milk Yogurt opens in a new tab. Turns out, coconut milk is dairy and lactose free. Who knew? The good people at Turtle Mountain did. They have been innovators in frozen non-dairy products since 1990, but only recently got into the yogurt business.In January we launched their first foray into the category with a fantastic tasting soy-based yogurt. After testing the waters successfully, they let their creative juices flow and recently showed us…in my opinion…the biggest innovation in non-dairy yogurt since the first soy-based yogurts hit the market years ago. These coconut-based non-dairy yogurts are what we refer to as a “no brainer” — as in an obvious choice to sell in our stores. There are six flavors available. Some have a bit of the coconut flavor shine through but others don’t have a hint. My fave is the Passionate Mango. Besides tasting great…and being dairy/lactose free…they’re soy-free, cholesterol-free, trans fat-free, contain pre- and probiotics and are certified vegan. These innovative new products are in stores now. Whether you have an allergy or are just looking to try something new, give them a try.

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