New Putumayo: Acoustic Dreamland

Learn about a new selection of classic and contemporary acoustic songs for bedtime and relaxation, and enter to win a 5-CD set from Putumayo’s Dreamland series.

THANK YOU FOR ALL OF YOUR COMMENTS! CONGRATULATIONS TO MICHAEL DIPIETRO FROM NEW YORK CITY FOR WINNING THE 5-CD SET FROM PUTUMAYO'S "DREAMLAND" SERIES. Read on to enter to win a 5-CD set from Putumayo’s Dreamland series. Dan Storper is the CEO and Founder of Putumayo World Music.

Over the years, Putumayo Kids, which began in 1999, has released 20 CD collections to help introduce children to other cultures through fun music from around the world. Though best known for its fun, upbeat Playground series, Putumayo Kids has been quietly releasing albums that have become staples for parents to help their young children fall asleep. Surprisingly, parents have enjoyed these Dreamland CDs as much as their kids! They help just about anyone relax and wind down after the stresses of the day.With Acoustic Dreamland, I wanted to bring together beautiful English-language songs recorded by some off my favorite performers of adult and children’s music. We’ve also included a mini-storybook featuring the lyrics of the song Dreamland that parents and children can read or sing along to. Written by Mary Chapin Carpenter and sung by Lucy Kaplansky, it’s a lovely tale of falling asleep and dreaming of distant places. I’ve tested these songs on my 5-year-old son and they have really helped him ease into sleep.

In addition to original songs, the collection also features songs written by James Taylor (You Can Close Your Eyes), Allman Brothers (Blue Sky) and Wilco (My Darling).You’ll find Acoustic Dreamland in most Whole Foods Market stores now. Do you like to fall asleep listening to music? What are your favorite relaxing tunes? Leave a comment below by March 8th for a chance to win a 5 CD collection from our Dreamland series.

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